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The Stefanos Foundation: Serving the persecuted Church in Nigeria

By Angela Wittman ‘Remember those in prison as if you yourself were their fellow prisoners, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourself were suffering’ ~ Hebrews 13:3 The Stefanos Foundation describes itself as ‘the rising hope of the persecuted’ and bringing hope to a troubled nation while working for peace and justice.  Some of their featured projects  include widows support , care of orphans , trauma counseling , advocacy / media awareness , and rehabilitation/reconstruction  of burned and damaged homes while providing micro-funding to small businesses and helping to establish self-supporting small businesses. The foundation also provides advocacy and legal aid for those imprisoned and suffering injustice throughout the region. Their goal is to serve God’s Church by speaking as advocates for the persecuted while showing Christian love and compassion to all parties involved. Evangelism efforts include facilitating a radio program  which broadcasts God’s Word to the unreached

Life Network of Southern Illinois: A pro-life mercy ministry

By Angela Wittman Life Network of Southern Illinois located at 224 N. Main St. in Waterloo, Illinois has been helping those in need of unplanned pregnancy care, and providing education and referrals to helpful resources since 1995. Services offered for both males and females are free and confidential. These services include: Pregnancy Tests Baby Resources STD Test/Treatment (for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea) Options Counseling Earn While You Learn Client Education Program Ultrasound Community Referrals Abortion Recovery Support Abstinence Education Male Mentoring Program Child Birth, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care Classes Upcoming events include a Trivia Night to be held on January 28th at Gibault High School in Waterloo and their annual Spring Banquet with guest speaker Shawn Carney (co-founder of 40 Days for Life) scheduled for April 19th and April 20th at Turner Hall in Columbia, IL . The Life Network of Southern Illinois annual Li

Christian Adoption: Opening hearts and homes to orphaned children

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27, ESV Due to be released in February of 2012 is the documentary “ Rescued: The Heart of Adoption and Caring for Orphans ” created by Wintons Motion Pictures and Hedrick Brothers Productions. The film challenges the Church and Christians to take a greater role in caring for orphans through adoption while exploring its common “thread” with missions: "Today, over 130 million children have lost one or both parents, and every 18 seconds, another child in the world becomes an orphan. In America, 114,000 children in the foster care system are currently waiting to be adopted, and an estimated 65,500 of those children have been adopted by homosexual parents. These staggering statistics should cause Christians to ask some probing questions. What would Christ’s church look like if we acted upon James 1:27 which states th

Generations with Vision plans 2012 Family Economics Conference

Generations with Vision , a daily radio ministry that addresses cultural issues from a Biblical viewpoint featuring home school advocate, father of five and pastor Kevin Swanson as host is planning their Family Economics 2012 Conference for March 8 -10 at Wheaton College, 501 College Avenue, Wheaton, Illinois . This will be their third annual event; topics to be covered include : Raising Sons to Provide Household Budget Management Marketing a Family Business Facing the Onslaught of Socialism Household Chores and Time Management The Duties of Dominion Keys to Being a Successful Family Entrepreneur Stories from Successful Family Start-Ups A Special Proverbs 31 Track for Moms Speakers scheduled for the 2012 conference include Kevin Swanson, Erik Weir, Steve and Teri Maxwell, Bill Roth, Alex and Cassie Michael, and RC Sproul Jr.   A full schedule of events can be found here .   The Family Economics Vision page of the Family 2012 Economics Conference website tells us that: In March of 20

The Morning Center: New pro-life ministry birthed in Illinois

By Angela Wittman Samaritan Ministries based in Peoria has taken the next step forward in the pro-life movement with developing a new project to directly help mothers and their preborn babies in need of prenatal care: The Morning Center .  Their website states that they were founded in 2011 with the goal to “ provide free full-service pre-natal and maternity care to women in urban and under-served areas.”  Their goal, as stated on the “About Us” section of the website is to eventually establish pro-life hospitals that will offer: Complete prenatal care, counseling, mentoring, and professional photography that celebrates the joy of new life. A birthing center atmosphere in a full service maternity hospital, allowing a mother great flexibility in making birth choices – from facilities for water birth, and space for family, to highly trained staff and equipment needed for any medical situation. Staff members who have a clear sense of God’s calling to demonstrate the Good News of Jesus

States of Refuge - New Strategy and Website for Ending the Holocaust of the Preborn Launched

By Angela Wittman A new website and strategy for ending the holocaust of the preborn has been launched by a cooperative effort of pro-life leaders: States of . Ultimate and immediate goals are stated on the National Strategy page as: Our ultimate goal is to end the American holocaust that has invoked God’s just wrath upon our nation. The immediate goal is to establish the first abortion free states since Roe vs. Wade. Five states in particular have been chosen due to being the most vulnerable and weakest of the prenatal child-killing industry: Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  These states have been targeted as states as refuge from the sin of blood-guilt staining America. Christians are asked to pray and lend their support to making these five states abortion free. Ministries that have stated their intention to help in this effort include: Pastor Mark Holick/Spirit One Ministries: He has agreed to help prepare the way. He will work on

Counting the Cost to Follow Christ

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it...” (Luke 14:28, NKJV) Dear Friends, One of the greatest blessings of being a Christian is the friends one makes while serving the LORD. I have truly been blessed with knowing and working with some incredible Christians who inspire others to follow the LORD wholeheartedly without reservation. In the next several weeks I will be sharing some of their stories with you. I pray you will be blessed and inspired to follow Jesus Christ without reservation. In August of 2006 I first interviewed Steve Lefemine, a pro-life missionary and director of a ministry called “Columbia Christians for Life” based in Columbia, South Carolina for the newsletter “Christian Activist Pro-Life News – 100% Pro-Life: No Exceptions, No Compromise.” Here is the full text of the interview: Q: How did you first know that the LORD was calling you to become a pro-life missionary? A: The Lord ha