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What about the babies?

By Angela Wittman “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;”(Romans 12:10 KJV) Dear Friends, As we approach the 34th anniversary of the abortion holocaust commonly known as the Roe v. Wade supreme Court decision which opened the flood gates to blood-thirsty selfishness in America, let us reflect upon our contribution to its continuance. This editorial is not directed to the unbelievers who are dead in their sins and have not received the light of the Holy Spirit to enliven their depraved minds and dead hearts, but to the those who call themselves by the Lord’s Name, the followers of Jesus Christ, commonly known as Christians. I am seeing a most shameful thing take place at both national and local levels among Christian pro-lifers: the fighting for so-called rights to group names, positions on the sidewalks in front of the baby-killing camps, and the “right” of well-known pro-life personalities to lord themselves over lesser known pro-l