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A Mother's Anguish

By Angela Wittman Perhaps you have heard it said that having an abortion doesn't prevent one from becoming a mother, it just makes her the mother of a dead child.  I recently came across the story of a young woman ( Kelly Clinger ) who has a history of aborting her pre-born babies and is now suffering the heartbreak and anguish that comes from a realization that what she did was wrong and irrevocable.  She has come to understand that her "abortion" was not just a termination of a pregnancy or the destruction of a blob of tissue or the removal of a clump of cells that had potential to be a human life, but the actual destruction of a tiny, living human being - her pre-born baby.  Praise the Lord, Kelly Clinger has come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and I trust He will heal her broken heart and give her opportunity to speak on behalf of the pre-born and those who have bought into the lie that a woman has a right to kill her pre-born child.  But her grief and anguish is very

For You Alone

By Angela Wittman At work with the Lord In mean and small Or great and tall Tasks, duties, offerings Of love to You. O LORD, how I long To be completely free Of ingrained sin Within heart And mind. Surrounded with love, Smoothing the edge Of hard lines Etched within, Seen without. Heart made new, Set free by You. Fashioned to be A creature anew For You alone.