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A Call to Raise a Biblical Standard (Part Two)

Last week we looked at Scriptures (Psalm 33: 12-22 and Psalm 53: 1-3) which tell us that the nation whose God is the Lord is blessed and those who say there is no God are foolish and corrupt. This week I want to share with you “The Scriptural Basis for Christian Civil Government” which is found in the book Explicitly Christian Politics – The Vision of the National Reform Association , edited by William O. Einwechter and published by The Christian Statesman Press in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The first section on page 256 is under the heading of “Scriptural Teaching as to the Origin and Nature of the Nation” and tells us: 1. God is the Author of all national life (Deut. 26:19; Ps. 86:9; Acts 17:24 – 26). 2. God brings each particular nation into existence in its own time in the progress of the world’s history (Acts 17:26). 3. God gives to each nation its own rightful territory (Acts 17:26). 4. It is, therefore, God’s prerogative, as the Just Ruler of nations, to take away national life,

A Call to Raise a Biblical Standard (Part One)

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” – Psalm 33: 12 One only has to read the daily news to see that our nation is in dire straits and we have lost our course. We have enemies within and without our shores which seek to destroy us. And while we watch the storm clouds gather and many are predicting doom and gloom for America, I have hope. Psalm 33, verses 12 -22 tells us: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. The Lord looketh from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of men. From the place of his habitation he looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth. He fashioneth their hearts alike; he considereth all their works. There is no king saved by the multitude of an host: a mighty man is not delivered by much strength. An horse is a vain thing for safety: neither shall he deliver any by his great strength. Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fea

A Faith to Live By

Many are experiencing financial difficulties due to the economic downturn our nation is experiencing. We all have friends and/or family members who have lost their jobs and some who have even lost their homes. The Bureau of Labor reports: “The national unemployment rate was 8.9 percent in April 2009, seasonally adjusted, up from 8.5 percent the prior month and from 5.0 percent a year earlier.” (Source:, Mass Layoffs, Monthly – May 2009.) These are challenging times in which to live, and while many have placed their trust in temporal things, they now see that foundation is not as sure as they once thought it was. I invite you to seek refuge in the sure rock of Christ Jesus. And while the Christian has eternal security in which to place his hope, he also has the temporal security of knowing that God is his help, refuge, and strength. Scripture tell us: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. "Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, a