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Heads Up Illinois Parents

Dear Friends,

In 1994 I was elected to our local school board on an explicitly Christian platform. Our greatest concerns (I'm referring to my Christian friends and supporters) was Goals 2000 (Outcome Based Education), Comprehensive Sex Ed and the general intolerance of Christianity. I served until the spring of 1999 and did not seek re-election due to the lack of support from my husband.

Looking back I think he saw the physical toll the constant stress was taking on me. I also remember the ridicule my teenage sons saw directed toward their mother by the head of the local teachers union who was also their biology teacher; I felt a duty to resist the potential wickedness I believed was headed our way if we did not draw a line in the sand against unrighteousness as an administrative body. But I never thought I would be sitting here 19 years later warning Illinois parents that legislation was being proposed that would mandate schools to teach children LGBT history.

Here is an excerpt…

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