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Alzheimer's Disease, Adultery and God's Word

By Angela Wittman
"When B. and I realized what we're dealing with and she understood what the situation is, she said to me… 'I know what I have. I know where it's gonna take me. Tell the story. Tell the truth,'" Gasby recounted.  In January, he spoke that truth — and let cameras into his home. It's a home he shares with his wife and his girlfriend, Alex Lerner, who also has a bedroom in the house and helps with B.'s care.  Yesterday morning I happened to catch the segment Falling in love while caring for your spouse with Alzheimer's diseasethat aired on CBS This Morning.. I watched in amazement as two men whose wives had Alzheimer's Disease (one wife is now deceased) openly discussed having adulterous relationships with other women. Is this now to become a new norm? These men and women feel they shouldn't be judged, and shockingly the news anchors interviewing them seemed to agree.

My father has Alzheimer's Disease and while his memory…

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