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The Stefanos Foundation: Serving the persecuted Church in Nigeria

By Angela Wittman ‘Remember those in prison as if you yourself were their fellow prisoners, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourself were suffering’ ~ Hebrews 13:3 The Stefanos Foundation describes itself as ‘the rising hope of the persecuted’ and bringing hope to a troubled nation while working for peace and justice.  Some of their featured projects  include widows support , care of orphans , trauma counseling , advocacy / media awareness , and rehabilitation/reconstruction  of burned and damaged homes while providing micro-funding to small businesses and helping to establish self-supporting small businesses. The foundation also provides advocacy and legal aid for those imprisoned and suffering injustice throughout the region. Their goal is to serve God’s Church by speaking as advocates for the persecuted while showing Christian love and compassion to all parties involved. Evangelism efforts include facilitating a radio program  which broadcasts God’s Word to the unreached