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Trusting Dad's Care to the Sovereignty of the LORD

Dear Friends,

My last post regarding my father mentioned that his 83rd birthday was only 9 days away. Today is July 25th and his birthday is now just a few days away.

How quickly one's health can change in a matter of days, especially for the elderly!

Last Saturday and yesterday I noticed that Dad's Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease symptoms are more pronounced - his hands tremble more and his memory appears dimmer. He can't remember if he was in the Air Force during the Korean or Vietnam wars.

He has also lost his appetite; just a week ago he would munch through a package of cookies within days - now they sit almost untouched. Then yesterday he stated he had lost the desire to go out to a restaurant with family for his 83rd Birthday celebration.

He doesn't appear well and I'm concerned; when questioned about his health, Dad says he feels fine and isn't in any pain. There is a doctor on staff at the nursing facility and the nurses are watchful, so if…

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