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In Defense of Others and the Ninth Commandment

Dear Friends, I want to be clear why I defend the good reputations of my friends and fellow believers. I realize that as Christians we will be slandered - this comes with the territory, IMO. For example: When I sold Real Estate, my broker received an anonymous letter stating I was insane, dangerous, a religious fanatic and she would be better off without me working out of her office. (Thankfully, she was a kind soul and didn’t listen to the anonymous author’s advice.) I'm certain there have been other things said about me down through the years, but I always held my peace and praised the Lord I was counted worthy to suffer for His Name. But when I hear other believers being maligned, I try to rush to their defense and so should you. Here is what the Westminster Larger Catechism teaches regarding bearing false witness:  Q. 143. Which is the ninth commandment? A. The ninth commandment is, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. [839]   Q. 144. What are the duties requ

A Man of Character

By Angela Wittman Excerpt from American Covenanters and Abolitionism Alexander McLeod (1773 - 1833) was a man of character who took a strong stand against the inhumane slavery of fellow human beings. has this brief biography of Alexander McLeod , who was clearly a conservative theologian and a man of respectability. He was no liberal wolf in sheep's clothing seeking to lead folks astray with unbiblical anti-slavery propaganda. “Born in the Isle of Mull, Scotland, June 12, 1774. His father was a distinguished minister of the Church of Scotland. He came to America, by way of Liverpool, England, in the spring of 1792. Soon after his arrival in New York, he moved up the Hudson to Albany, then to Schenectady, New York. At the establishment of Union College, he became a student and graduated with honour in 1798. He joined the Covenanter Church in Princetown, New York, under the eminent James McKinney. He studied theology under his direction, and was lice