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It's a Baby!

By Angela Wittman Dear Friends, Have you heard the lie that when a woman is in the early stages of pregnancy the baby she is carrying is not viable, and is nothing more than a blood clot or a clump of cells? This is the picture those who profit from the murder of children while in the womb try to paint. They do this to dehumanize the child, and to deceive the ignorant into thinking they are not performing a heinous crime, but a necessary “procedure” on behalf of poor, helpless women. My prayer is to help shine light on this darkness, which is destroying our nation. I often see fathers and mothers drive into Planned Parenthood staring straight ahead as though we are not visible to them while standing on the sidewalk with our literature and signs. They often avert their eyes in an effort to avoid seeing the pictures of an aborted baby, which has been torn apart, and to also not make eye contact with us, as we are a witness to the murder of their child. I also see women covering their eye

Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege?

By Angela Wittman We all have loved ones who we want the very best healthcare for. Who of us wants to see a family member, or friend do without healthcare, whether it is preventative or in response to an illness or emergency? This essay will attempt to deal with this very emotional issue from the perspective that healthcare is actually a privilege in the sense that it is not the responsibility of government to provide healthcare for us. It is our responsibility to have the means to pay for our own healthcare, and the healthcare of our family. According to the Declaration of Independence written in 1776, we see that our rights are endowed upon us by our Creator. The rights granted us include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It then goes on to say that to “secure these rights, governments are instituted by men.” This means that government is to secure our rights, which come from God, but it is not to supply these rights, as would be the case with socialized medicine. Some nat

400,000 Frozen Human Embryos

By Angela Wittman Dear Friends, I remember as a child spending lazy summer afternoons reading The Adventures of Superman, and other science fiction comic books with my older brother. We would save up our allowance, and my brother would walk to the local quick shop to buy us ice cream bars and comic books. I can also remember the time he regretfully bought the most gruesome comic about some mad scientist conducting experiments on unsuspecting human beings. We both agreed the comic was a waste of money, and not to our liking at all... It never entered my mind that I would see a similar horror story become reality as an adult. I am referring to the barbaric Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act passed in Congress by a vote of 238 - 194. One can only wonder what our Representatives are thinking? This act allows approximately 400,000 frozen human being embryos to be used for research. It reminds me of some old black and white jungle movie where a cannibalistic tribe captures unsuspecting