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Source: The Banner of Truth "The postmillennialist believes that the millennium is an era (not necessarily a literal thousand years) during which Christ will reign over the earth, not from a literal and earthly throne, but through the gradual increase of the Gospel and its power to change lives. After this gradual Christianization of the world, Christ will return and immediately usher the church into their eternal state after judging the wicked. This is called postmillennialism because, by its view, Christ will return after the millennium." ( Postmillennialism at  Theopedia ) Dear Friends, Years ago I read the book The Puritan Hope by Iain H. Murray  and find myself going back to it every few years for encouragement and a reminder of what I believe the Bible teaches regarding eschatology. Here is the book's description as posted at Banner of Truth : Today the Church’s hope in respect to her mission of discipling all nations is in eclipse. The world gives Christian