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A Matter of Life and Death

By Angela Wittman Dear Friends, Have you been spending countless hours writing letters to your "pro-life" senators and congressmen asking them to vote pro-life? Have you spent countless minutes on the phone explaining to the staff of your legislator why he should vote pro-life? And does he vote for a piece of legislation that doesn't really end the murder of innocent babies in the womb, but just regulates the killers? Perhaps you have even spent thousands of dollars helping certain candidates win election in hope that Congress would have the needed votes to save innocent lives of preborn babies? Are you wondering why the killing of children via abortion is still "legal" and why even with a majority of the Republican Party in power, innocent blood still flows through the sewers of America? Wouldn't it be wonderful if our "pro-life" representatives brought an end to the barbarism of baby killing? A friend, Cal Zastrow of Michigan Citizens for Life, r

Women, Heart Disease, and Birth Control

By Angela Wittman He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye LORD! (Psalm 113:9 KJV) Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD... (Psalm 127:3 KJV) Dear Friends, This essay is written in response to the growing controversy of whether hormonal methods of birth control increase the risk of heart disease for women. Recent studies have shown there is concern of a link between hormonal methods of birth control, which are commonly prescribed for and used by women, and an increased risk of heart disease. Did you know that according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's report "Heart Disease in Women" that more women die from heart disease than anything else? They also advise women who are taking birth control pills to not smoke as a way to lower their risk of heart disease. (1) Recent studies conducted between January 1980 and October 2002 suggest that use of the pill can raise cardiovascular risk, and ma

The Royal Law: Love Thy Neighbor

By Angela Wittman If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well: (James 2:8 KJV) Dear Friends, This essay is written to encourage Christians to get involved with the homosexual community, specifically, the black homosexual community. Do I have your attention? Good. Now, please hear me out. I recently read the report HIV/AIDS among African Americans/AIDS in 2003 written by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) which documents cases of HIV/AIDS among African Americans. The report begins with this startling statement: The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a health crisis for African Americans. In 2001, HIV/AIDS was among the top 3 causes of death for African American men aged 25–54 years and among the top 4 causes of death for African American women aged 20–54 years. It was the number 1 cause of death for African American women aged 25–34 years[ 1 ]. The CDC then gives these statistics in the same report: According to the 2000 Census, Afric

Not Suitable for Children

By Angela Wittman How many children must suffer? How many hearts must be broken? How many girls and boys will contract STDs? How many babies will be murdered via abortion? Once again, I must stress the importance of parents investigating any and all sex education their child is receiving; this includes all government, private, Christian and Parochial schools, as well as Church and other youth groups/clubs/organizations. Week after week, on Wednesday afternoons during the summer of this year, I watched parents drop off their precious children at the baby-killing Planned Parenthood abortion mill in St. Louis, Missouri to receive sexual activity instructions . Year after year, when I served on the Waterloo, Illinois school board (1995 - 2000), a group of concerned citizens and myself begged the administrators to stop teaching comprehensive sex ed, and year after year they continued to allow it to be taught in the high school. This continued even though we presented them with evidence that

A Royal Love

By Angela Wittman 'Live still to die, that by death you may purchase eternal life...' 'Forasmuch as you have desired so simple a woman to write in so worthy a book, good Master Lieutenant, therefore I shall as a friend desire you, and as a Christian require you, to call upon God to incline your heart to His laws, to quicken you in His ways, and not to take the word of truth utterly out of your mouth. Live still to die, that by death you may purchase eternal life: and remember how the end of Methusael who shall read in Scripture was the longest liver that was of man, died at last: for, as the preacher says, that there a time to be born and a time to die; and the day of death is better than the day of our birth.' Yours, as the Lord knoweth as a friend, Jane Duddeley. (1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While reading these words written by Lady Jane Grey to Sir John Brydges, I cannot help but marvel at the love and compassion she had for others right before her death. We do not read of h

Kiss the Son

By Angela Wittman Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him. (Psalm 2:12, KJV) Dear Friends, This essay is about laying a good, solid Christian foundation for our nation. Many of you may believe that we already have a good Christian foundation in America, and the proof is found in our national Constitution, which was written by our Founding Fathers. You may have prayed for our national leaders to follow it, in order for "We the People" to be put back in charge of America. Perhaps you have thought that if only our liberties were still protected, and our rights secured, we would once more be the shining city upon a hill for the whole world to see. As individuals we would once more be independent and unjust laws would no longer violate our freedoms. If you have kept copies of articles I have written in the past, you will find these very same beliefs and thoughts expressed i

A Meek and Quiet Spirit

By Angela Wittman Dear Friends, This essay is written for today's conservative Christian women who are strong, smart, capable and doing a man's job. Yes, I said doing a man's job. I can remember as a new Christian hearing women in the church complaining that men weren't doing their job, and the women were having to do it for them. Then I also saw many of the Christian women whom I admired, lose their husbands and families to divorce. You may have read the Barna Group's most recent poll results concerning Christians and divorce: "Although many Christian churches attempt to dissuade congregants from getting a divorce, the research confirmed a finding identified by Barna a decade ago (and further confirmed through tracking studies conducted each year since): born again Christians have the same likelihood of divorce as do non-Christians. Among married born again Christians, 35% have experienced a divorce. That figure is identical to the outcome among married adults

It's a Baby!

By Angela Wittman Dear Friends, Have you heard the lie that when a woman is in the early stages of pregnancy the baby she is carrying is not viable, and is nothing more than a blood clot or a clump of cells? This is the picture those who profit from the murder of children while in the womb try to paint. They do this to dehumanize the child, and to deceive the ignorant into thinking they are not performing a heinous crime, but a necessary “procedure” on behalf of poor, helpless women. My prayer is to help shine light on this darkness, which is destroying our nation. I often see fathers and mothers drive into Planned Parenthood staring straight ahead as though we are not visible to them while standing on the sidewalk with our literature and signs. They often avert their eyes in an effort to avoid seeing the pictures of an aborted baby, which has been torn apart, and to also not make eye contact with us, as we are a witness to the murder of their child. I also see women covering their eye

Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege?

By Angela Wittman We all have loved ones who we want the very best healthcare for. Who of us wants to see a family member, or friend do without healthcare, whether it is preventative or in response to an illness or emergency? This essay will attempt to deal with this very emotional issue from the perspective that healthcare is actually a privilege in the sense that it is not the responsibility of government to provide healthcare for us. It is our responsibility to have the means to pay for our own healthcare, and the healthcare of our family. According to the Declaration of Independence written in 1776, we see that our rights are endowed upon us by our Creator. The rights granted us include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It then goes on to say that to “secure these rights, governments are instituted by men.” This means that government is to secure our rights, which come from God, but it is not to supply these rights, as would be the case with socialized medicine. Some nat

400,000 Frozen Human Embryos

By Angela Wittman Dear Friends, I remember as a child spending lazy summer afternoons reading The Adventures of Superman, and other science fiction comic books with my older brother. We would save up our allowance, and my brother would walk to the local quick shop to buy us ice cream bars and comic books. I can also remember the time he regretfully bought the most gruesome comic about some mad scientist conducting experiments on unsuspecting human beings. We both agreed the comic was a waste of money, and not to our liking at all... It never entered my mind that I would see a similar horror story become reality as an adult. I am referring to the barbaric Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act passed in Congress by a vote of 238 - 194. One can only wonder what our Representatives are thinking? This act allows approximately 400,000 frozen human being embryos to be used for research. It reminds me of some old black and white jungle movie where a cannibalistic tribe captures unsuspecting