Not Suitable for Children

By Angela Wittman

How many children must suffer? How many hearts must be broken? How many girls and boys will contract STDs? How many babies will be murdered via abortion?

Once again, I must stress the importance of parents investigating any and all sex education their child is receiving; this includes all government, private, Christian and Parochial schools, as well as Church and other youth groups/clubs/organizations.

Week after week, on Wednesday afternoons during the summer of this year, I watched parents drop off their precious children at the baby-killing Planned Parenthood abortion mill in St. Louis, Missouri to receive sexual activity instructions .

Year after year, when I served on the Waterloo, Illinois school board (1995 - 2000), a group of concerned citizens and myself begged the administrators to stop teaching comprehensive sex ed, and year after year they continued to allow it to be taught in the high school. This continued even though we presented them with evidence that comprehensive sex ed does not prevent sexual activity, STDs or pregnancies -- instead it actually promotes these things!

At one point, the school district received a FREE abstinence course to use in the high school, which then sat on a shelf, and collected dust.

What was their excuse for allowing comprehensive sex ed to be taught to young impressionable students? They are going to do it anyway, they need to know how to do it safely!

Now after ten years of sowing and reaping the harmful effects of comprehensive sex ed, the Waterloo School District has allowed an abstinence course to be taught in their high school.

But how many children have already suffered? How many hearts have been broken? How many girls and boys have contracted STDs? How many babies were murdered via abortion? Only the LORD knows, and I tremble with fear for those who have condoned, contributed and encouraged this shameful propagation of sexual sin in my community.

Dear friends, girls as young as 9-years are being diagnosed with gonorrhea of the throat! This ought not to be! How shameful for that child! How devastating for her parents! If your heart does not break for this situation, then you are part of the problem. This ought to cause us to weep; may we cry out to God Almighty for forgiveness and help.

Parents: It is your responsibility to teach your child about reproduction and morality. --It is not the responsibility of your local school district or Planned Parenthood or SIECUS!

In conclusion, please arm yourself and others with these facts concerning sexually transmitted diseases:

Risk factors for STDs:

· Sex with someone whose sexual history one does not know
· Drug use with sharing of needles
· Sex with many people
· Sexual intimacy with someone who has been diagnosed with an STD or one who is being treated for an STD
· Exposure with skin-to-skin contact in the presence of any open lesion, such as a chancre or a wart
· Use of alcohol or other drugs that may cloud one’s judgment about a sexual encounter
· Hemophilia
· Transfusion of blood or blood products
· Babies from being carried by an HIV-positive mother
· Breast-fed infants of an HIV-positive mother.
· Lack of education or concern about risky sexual behavior

Chlamydia often has no symptoms, and is sexually transferred unknowingly – hence it is often called the silent STD.

Possible complications of untreated gonorrhea are sterility, transmission to newborns during birth, which can lead to blindness, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), septicemia, and septic arthritis.

Without early diagnosis and treatment of syphilis, it becomes a systemic, chronic disease. If left untreated, it can be life threatening, and if passed on to a fetus, the child may die in utero, or be born with congenital syphilis, and abnormalities.

Genital herpes is contracted by skin-to-skin contact through sexual activity with an infected person.

Genital herpes pathological course:
  • Caused by herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2)
  • It is transmitted sexually with skin-to-skin contact
  • Initial episode may go unnoticed
  • One or more blister-like lesions may be noticed on the genitals, or around the anus 2 – 30 days after sexual contact with a carrier.
  • Systemic influenza symptoms, swollen glands, headache, fever, and painful urination are present in the acute stage
  • The virus hides in the nervous system, and lies dormant between flare-ups
  • There is no cure, but treatment with prescription drugs may reduce outbreaks, and duration.

(These STD facts are found in Essentials of Human Health Diseases and Conditions, Third Edition, by Margaret Schell Frazier and Jeanette Wist Drzymkowski; chapter 12, pages 534 - 597.)

May the good LORD lead us back to a time when little girls dreamed of wearing a white wedding gown symbolizing their purity, and little boys were busy playing Cowboys and Indians.



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