What kind of 'Digital Footprints' are you leaving?

By Angela Wittman
Q. 1. What is the chief and highest end of man?
A. Man's chief and highest end is to glorify God, and fully to enjoy him forever. (Westminster Larger Catechism
Due to recent deaths in our family and the natural progression of age and (hopefully) maturity, my husband and I recently had a conversation about planning for our eventual deaths. As we discussed how to best protect our sons inheritance by hiring an estate lawyer, etc., we also began talking about what type of funerals we wanted. My husband is an outdoors man - he wants his ashes spread on his favorite hunting spot - yes, really! I'm somewhat of a history buff, so I want a traditional grave site that's easy for future generations to find and document my birth and death. As I expressed my pragmatic desire, my husband responded with telling me I didn't need a physical marker because I was leaving a huge "digital footprint."

This observation by my husband got me to thinking about what kind of digital footprint I'm leaving for others to see and possibly follow, and, dear friends, what kind of footprints are you who claim to be Christians leaving on social media? Will your posts, comments, tweets, photos and profiles point others to Christ? Or will they reveal a vain, empty existence?  Will your loved ones be at peace knowing you're with the Lord? Or will they have gnawing doubts deep within their heart that you might not have known Him?

So, before you write that next blog post or post your status on social media, ask yourself this simple question: Do my words glorify God? If not, perhaps a little self restraint is in order until you're in a more Biblical state of mind.


Dear Father in Heaven,

Please forgive our hasty words often spoken or written without any thought of You in mind.

Please give your people wisdom and self-control when sharing our thoughts on the internet.

I pray in Lord Jesus Name we will glorify You in thought, word and deed.



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