Yes, Bruce Rauner, We're Thrilled

'We’re thrilled,' Ives said at her election night party in Glen Ellyn, as she stood about three percentage points behind Rauner. 'This is an insurgent campaign that started less than five months ago and to come this close to taking out the worst Republican governor in America is phenomenal.' (

Dear Friends,

Last night I watched the Illinois Primary results with great astonishment as GOP pro-life, conservative candidate Jeanne Ives stayed within a few percentage points of wealthy, pro-abort, no social agenda (?) Bruce Rauner, the incumbent Republican Governor of Illinois. In fact, folks, I'm encouraged even though Bruce managed to snake his way to winning the Republican Primary. Why am I encouraged? Examine the evidence for yourself:

With 9,825/10,119 precincts reporting this morning, Bruce "pro-abort" Rauner received 351,086 votes to Jeanne Ives 330,227. Folks, he only won by 3%!!! (Source: )

Could it be the tide in Illinois is turning? Let's pray so... Stay tuned.

Editor's Note: 
I also want to point out that in one of Bruce's TV ads played in the St. Louis area opposing Jeanne Ives, he is shown sitting next to her shaking his head "no" in a patronizing, disrespectful manner while she's speaking. I think he's a chauvinist - he's not a friend to women - preborn or fully grown.

Update 3.23.2018:
I just saw this headline at IL Headlines:

I sincerely doubt if he is actually listening to us - he just wants the evangelical vote and then he'll cast us aside like a pair of uncomfortable shoes or an unwanted aborted baby.


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