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By Angela Wittman

"The PCA’s Nine Declarations Against The Federal Vision (2007) 
In light of the controversy surrounding the NPP and FV, and after many months of careful study, the committee unanimously makes the following declarations: ...

Dr. R. Scott Clark of the Heidelblog has posted "The PCA's Nine Declarations Against the Federal Vision" and I believe it is worth your time to read it. Perhaps you think the Federal Vision is a harmless teaching or it's not that important anymore, but when is it ever permissible for Christians to waffle on God's truth or tolerate false teaching? Is this how we show love for one another by tolerating evil? Shouldn't we follow Biblical example and warn others (especially those of the House of God) of false teachers?

Please read Dr. Clark's article including the comment section - it's very enlightening! I live near the St. Louis area and I am familiar with some of the pastors mentioned. I've also visited Jeffrey Meyer's church, but found it too theatrical. It was as though I was watching a stage production and it left me wondering if it (worship) was all an act. (Sorry, but that's the only way I can describe their worship service at that time.)

Sadly, I also remember during the early 2000's (2004?) having Mr. Burke Shade's church (part of the CREC) suggested as a place for my youngest son in Carbondale, Illinois, to Worship. And why ? Because they had heard "good things" about it... For goodness sake! Mr. Shade had already been removed from the PCA and joined Doug Wilson's confederacy of renegades. (Praise the good LORD my son didn't take that advice!)

So friends, PLEASE, I beg you to become informed and check out these things before you send others off on a path of heartbreak and possible heresy.

In Lord Jesus Name, I implore the reader to take heed to false teachers and love others enough to warn them. Amen.

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