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On Behalf of the Preborn Babies: An Open Letter to Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina

Dear Governor Haley,

I am writing to you as a sister in Christ, who is 100% pro-life (no exception, no compromise) which you have also been designated by Holly Gatling, Executive Director of SC Citizens for Life. Below is the text of a letter which is posted on your website

[Emphasis mine, AW]
May 20, 2010

The Honorable Nikki Haley
P.O. Box 47
Lexington, S.C.  29071

Dear Representative Haley:

This letter is to thank you for returning your candidate survey to South Carolina Citizens for Life.  Your survey is rated 100 percent.  Legislation and political action save innocent human life.   We appreciate your dedication to protecting pre-born children and the medically fragile members of our human family from abortion and euthanasia.

It is a credit to the Republican candidates for Governor in the 2010 Primary Election that the pro-life surveys on record are all 100 percent; therefore LIFEPAC, the state political action committee of South Carolina Citizens for Life, did not endorse in this election cycle.  We wish you the best and emphasize our appreciation of your pro-life commitment.

Holly Gatling, Executive Director

I also want to thank you for your previous service on behalf of the preborn, especially your co- sponsorship of H 3526, the South Carolina Personhood Bill, which was introduced in the South Carolina General Assembly’s 118th Session (2009-2010).  That bill was truly 100% pro-life and stated that: “The right to life for each born and preborn human being vests at fertilization.” 

However, I must ask what you have specifically accomplished for the preborn babies of South Carolina since your election as Governor.  It appears to me that in your quest to promote conservatism in your state, the preborn babies have fallen to the wayside and far too many to their unjust deaths due to simply being unable to speak for themselves.

The “First Family” biography on your website states that you are a mother of two children.  How blessed your children are to have been born; many of their generation have not been given the opportunity to live outside of their mother’s womb.  It has been reported that over 7000 preborn babies in South Carolina are destroyed each year.  This number of preborn babies being slaughtered under your watch should give you a cause for concern and many sleepless nights filled with tears. If not, then it is my sincere prayer that it will.

It is also my prayer that you will take to heart the recent conversation you had with pro-life missionary and Personhood lobbyist Steve Lefemine of Columbia Christians for Life at the on October 4th, 2011.  To refresh your memory, here is a partial transcript of the conversation:
Steve Lefemine: Gov. Haley, I’d like to ask you about your legislative priorities. You expressed your number one priority is jobs.  I believe prosperity, like liberty is a gift from God and I believe that our greatest problem in this state and around the country is we’ve turned away from God. And I’d like to ask you to consider including in your priorities a bill that you’ve sponsored as a legislator.  It was H 3526, there’s nearly an identical bill in the House today and also in the Senate: S 616 and H 3945 – that’s the South Carolina Personhood Bill.

I believe that the greatest responsibility for a civil government official is to honor God. As we saw the video right there at the end of your oath, you said “So help me God.”  I believe right after that the first duty of an official in civil government is to establish justice; and I realize not everyone in this room may agree with this, but I believe that the killing of 7000 pre-birth human beings a year in this state is a great need. And I would ask you to consider including in your legislative priorities support for the South Carolina Personhood Bills S 616 and H 3945. Would you consider that?

Gov. Haley: ... I don’t remember exactly what those bills were, but I can tell you I’ve always been strongly pro-life. Not because it is politically correct, but because my husband was adopted and we know what it means to our family...

Steve Lefemine: ...Those bills are very simple.  They simply recognize the legal personhood of the unborn at fertilization.  As soon as someone in law is established as a person, then they would have rights.  This would give constitutional rights under South Carolina law to the unborn.

Gov. Haley: Send ‘em to my desk and I’ll sign them.

Steve Lefemine: Thank you.

Gov. Haley, with all due respect, you need to take initiative to see that these very vital and important bills make it to your desk to become law.  Perhaps you have been chosen for such a time as this to help end the murder of thousands of preborn babies in South Carolina.

May the good Lord impress upon your heart the importance of you being in a position of power to stop the bloodbath taking place under your watch.

In Lord Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

For Christ’s Crown and Covenant,
Angela Wittman

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