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Prenatal Child-killing Isn't a Pretty Sight

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." 
Psalm 127:3, KJV

Dear Friends,

Here is a report from Courthouse News Service of a minor who had solicited the services of baby butchers in Los Angeles, and who apparently had hoped for a nice, tidy killing of her child.  However, the ugly truth of what prenatal child-killing is came to light in a very horrific way.  Here are excerpts from the article:

"Doctors at a Family Planning clinic left a 16- to 18-week fetus inside a minor abortion patient, but told her the procedure had been successful, the patient and her guardian claim in Superior Court. The girl says she 'screamed' and had to be rushed to a hospital after the fetus 'was expelled into the toilet' the next day.

"After two days of abortion procedures, the patient says Family Planning clinic workers assured her that the fetus had been successfully aborted. But the next day, she allegedly 'started cramping and contracting.'

"'She proceeded to sit on the toilet at her home and the fetus was expelled into the toilet,' the lawsuit states.

"She claims she 'saw the fetus coming out and screamed, causing (her guardian) and other family members to rush to her assistance.'

"The girl's guardian 'pulled the fetus including the head and fetal structures from the neck down which were distorted out of the toilet,' according to the lawsuit."

The article continues to report that the young girl and her guardian are suing the Los Angeles abortuary "Family Planning Associates Medical Group for medical malpractice and negligence infliction of emotional distress, claiming the ordeal caused 'irreparable, serious personal and emotional injuries and damages.'" and demanding compensation for " great mental pain."  (News Source:

While I am glad to see  lawsuits brought against death camps, let us not forget that women who kill their preborn babies through chemical and/or surgical methods will suffer "great mental pain."  Loving and nurturing your child is natural to women. The hellish practice of taking your own baby's life is not and will destroy a woman. 

Friends, God will not be mocked and those who take the life of innocent children made in His image will suffer the consequences.  If you have committed the sin of murder, the only relief you'll find will be in the forgiveness and healing of Jesus Christ.  The first step is to acknowledge your sin and then turn to Him who has made atonement for sin and the only One who can give complete restoration of your soul.  Amen.


  1. Is the poor woman sure here wasn't a twin and the murderer took only one corpse out and negligently left the other. Note well, if one twin was left, the spontaneous abortion the next day had nothing to do with the murder of the second corpse. What is the sin in aborting a rotting corpse? That is one reason why I am anti-murder and ignore the medical act of abortion.

  2. Angela,
    Thanks for alerting us about this.

    Hence the importance of the state enforcing the death penalty for all parties to abortion--mother, doctor, etc.

    Then these would-be murderers would "hear and fear" (cf. Deut. 17:13)and refrain from abortion or be executed.


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