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Open Letter to Christian Liberty Party Readership

Dear Friends of Christian Liberty,

I am writing you on behalf of the “Christian Liberty Party” which has been on-line since 2006.

Below is a message from Keith Humphrey, the owner of the Christian Liberty Party website and domain, to give you a general, brief overview of the history of the Christian Liberty Party.

The original purpose of the Christian Liberty Party website was to provide a forum for communication, with the goal of the re-unification of various State Parties which disaffiliated from the Constitution Party National Committee in 2006. The hope was that these various State Parties with explicitly Christian and uncompromising Pro-Life principles would come together and continue to be a voice in the public sphere of politics.

I was holding the name in trust, with the hope that one of the original Pro-Life leaders, such as Michael Peroutka, Cal Zastrow, Rick Jore, or Leslie Riley, would provide the charismatic leadership to draw together various Pro-Life State political parties. Over the past four years, most of the disaffiliated political parties lost their State ballot access, dissolved their membership, or were hijacked and re-assimilated into the Constitution Party National Committee. The only State Parties that I am aware of which have ongoing ballot access and run winning candidates, are Montana and Oregon. Many of the original contestants in the struggle to keep the Constitution Party Pro-Life have since redirected their efforts appropriately to other more focused pursuits, such as the Personhood Movement, or in my case, Christian Exodus.

Keith Humphrey


I have been updating the Christian Liberty Party website on a regular basis with Christian news items and commentaries since March of 2007. I also send out a weekly newsletter to approximately 200 people. You, our subscribers, are loyal – some of you were members of the Constitution Party of Illinois when I was involved with that endeavor and many others have been receiving the newsletter for several years. I think I can say with confidence that the majority of you are Christian and 100% pro-life – no exceptions and no compromise! In fact, most of you are foot soldiers standing at the very gates of hell (the abortion mills) on a regular basis.

Keith has compiled these statistics for the Christian Liberty Party website:

The average visitor statistics over the past six months are these:
  • 800 unique visitors per month.
  • More than 2 visits per visitor, and more than 4 pages per visit.
  • This is very low volume for a website, but displays a moderate amount of stickiness (which means that those who do visit actually read the stories on a regular basis, and are not just surfing by.)

Now, dear friends, here is my request: are you willing to be part of an explicitly Christian political party or confederation of parties that will proclaim Christ is King and Lord over all the nations, America included? This will be no easy task, but I strongly believe it is one we must attempt as there is no functioning national Christian party or confederation (which I prefer) of parties in America.

We are living in a pivotal time in history when our culture needs a clear prophetic witness for Jesus Christ and His Law. And while we might already be at work doing this seperately, perhaps it is time for us to join together in Christian covenant under the banner of “No king but King Jesus!” My hope and prayer is that Christian Liberty Party will be used by the Lord for His glory and I ask if you will each pray about this and email Keith or me with your thoughts and if so inclined your commitment as well. Thank you.

For Christ's Crown & Covenant,
Angela Wittman, Editor


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