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Is John McCain Really Pro-Life?

It has come to my attention that many well-meaning pro-life advocates are supporting John McCain and campaigning for his election as President of the United States of America. However, ignorance is not bliss and in this case it will cost precious lives.

I have put together some information from an explicitly Christian point of view for you to consider before campaigning and voting for John McCain in this fall's presidential election.

First of all, I want to direct your attention to this article written by John Lofton of The American View in the fall of 2006:

McCain Answers On Abortion, Homosexuality Anything But “Straight Talk”

Mr. Lofton makes an excellent point by commenting that "No, McCain is not pro-life because he believes in exceptions, that it’s OK to murder some innocent, unborn babies by abortion, as he’ll admit a little later in this interview."

John McCain believes that it is acceptable to allow the murder of preborn children who were conceived in less than ideal circumstances such as rape and incest. Please keep in mind that children are not to be executed for the sins/crimes of their fathers according to God's Word.

Senator McCain also has the exception for the life of the mother which is often misunderstood by the general public. It is wrong to pit mother against child by believing it is acceptable to kill the child in order to save the life of the mother. The ethical and moral answer to this scenario is for the physician to try to save both lives to the best of his ability and to leave the matter in God's hands.

You may be asking: "Hasn't John McCain consistently voted pro-life?" Let's take a look at Senator McCain's voting record as documented by pro-life missionary Steve Lefemine of Columbia Christians for Life:

Important John McCain HHS votes (HHS funds Title X and Medicaid), FY 2001-2008

Steve Lefemine points out:

Voting 'Yea' to pass any of these HHS Appropriations bills, FY 2001-2008, is a vote to fund:

1) Planned Parenthood
2) selected Medicaid surgical abortions
3) Title X and Medicaid birth control chemical abortions
4) Title X and Medicaid birth control for unmarried adults (singles) to fornicate
5) Title X birth control for unmarried adolescents, even if their parents object to the federal government giving their minor child hormonal drugs and devices to fornicate

John McCain voted in favor of Title X funding in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007 (he is recorded as 'Not Voting' in 2008).

John McCain has also been very supportive of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research which destroys human life. When John McCain was asked during the GOP Primary debate in 2007: "Would you expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research?" He replied: "I believe that we need to fund this... It's a tough issue. I support federal funding." (Source: 2007 GOP primary debate, at Reagan library, hosted by MSNBC May 3, 2007; On The Issues: John McCain on Abortion.)

Editor's Note:
Since writing this editorial, Scott Watson passed along this additional information connecting Title X and Planned Barrenhood:

I have looked through H.R.3010 and found Two Hundred Eighty Five Million Nine hundred sixty three thousand dollars in title X funding for family planning projects.

From H.R. 3010:

“$285,963,000 shall be for the program under title X of the Public Health Service Act to provide for voluntary family planning projects: Provided further, That amounts provided to said projects under such title shall not be expended for abortions, that all pregnancy counseling shall be nondirective, and that such amounts shall not be expended for any activity (including the publication or distribution of literature) that in any way tends to promote public support or opposition to any legislative proposal or candidate for public office: Provided further…”

This link may helpful in connecting the Title X funding to Planned Parenthood.

I also found in section 508 a provision providing abortion funding in the where the pregnancy is the result of rape, incest; or in cases where a woman suffers from a physical disorder.

“SEC. 508. (a) The limitations established in the preceding section shall not apply to an abortion--

(1) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or

(2) in the case where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself, that would, as certified by a physician, place the woman in danger of death unless an abortion is performed.”


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