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Dear Friends,

Those of you who have read my work probably know by now that I am one who "travels lightly," which means I have learned to hold loosely the things of this world, including positions which the LORD has placed me in. Sometimes this causes confusion for my co-laborers in Christ and fellow Christians. This is not my intention, but instead I am simply trying to follow as closely to the Lord's leading as possible and serve where He is directing me.

So, I am going to share my personal testimony with you which also will give an update on what I have and will be doing in the near future.

Praise the LORD and thank you for your interest.


My Testimony:

I am married to Jeff Wittman, mother to two sons, Matthew and Christopher, and grandmother to Joshua and Abby.

I am a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America and attend Worship at the RP Church in Sparta, Illinois.

The LORD began my new birth in Christ in the fall of 1993. Before then I had thought I was a “good” person, but in my heart I knew I was hell bound due to my sins. I had everything a woman could want: a wonderful husband, two beautiful children, a lovely home and many of the finer things of life... But I was still miserable because I knew I was not serving God and even though I was trying to make myself into a “good” person, it just wasn’t working! Over a period of several years, the LORD brought me to the end of myself and in desperation I reached out to Him and He was there. He then led me to repent (turn away) from my sins and rely upon His completed work on the Cross (Christ’s sacrifice and atonement for His people’s sins).
In His strength and power I gave up my old life and began a new life in Christ...

The LORD soon had me involved with local Christian activists as a member of the Illinois Christian Coalition (1994) and then as a county chapter leader in 1995 (the same year I was elected to the Waterloo School Board).

After seeing the shallowness of the Republican Party, I joined the Constitution Party of Illinois in 2001 and served as an officer until my resignation (January 2005) due to their pro-life compromise in December of 2004.

I now plan to spend the rest of my life pressing the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, who is King of all the nations.
I presently serve as the editor of:

· ChristianLibertyParty.com
· Christian Activist Pro-Life News (Archive)
· Christian Heritage News (Archive)
· Ladies of the Covenant
· Reformed Christian Studies
· Angela Wittman’s Blog

I also witness against the murder of the preborn babies at the abortuary (Planned Parenthood) in St. Louis, Missouri; and I am a volunteer coordinator for ChristianExodus.org.

Please check out these websites and let me know what you think!

Thank you.


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