Fathers, Protect Your Daughters

I recently received an email from a 19 year-old young lady who has declined to go away to college or seek to live independently outside of her parents home. Instead she is content to wait for the LORD to bring her a husband who will honor, cherish, love and protect her. Her father, a Christian man, is in agreement and pleased to continue to protect and take care of his daughter. I think there is a beautiful lesson in this father and daughter relationship for all of us to learn: God created the family and He instructs fathers to protect their daughters.

If you are grieved by the recent statistics from the CDC which report that one out of four teenage girls (14 – 19 years old) has a sexually transmitted disease, then you cannot help but acknowledge that something is terribly wrong with America. We have allowed our children to become sexual playmates with no moral sense of right and wrong. We have not only lost our moral compass, we have sacrificed our children to the hedonistic world which is destroying their lives and their souls. Instead of teaching our daughters to be keepers at home and to love their future husbands and children, we have pushed them out into a hostile world where the wicked seek to destroy them. One has only to watch the evening newscast to hear stories of young women murdered and raped while away at college or living on their own. They are easy prey for wicked men and women.

Motherhood and housekeeping have become despised in our culture. Young men and women callously abort their preborn babies which are often then used in medical experiments or discarded as trash. Fathers are often neglectful of their families and do not teach their sons how to be respectful of women, nor do they protect their daughters from the dregs of society. Instead they seek their own prosperity while leaving the training of their children to moral reprobates disguised as “good” and “compassionate” mentors.

An example of moral reprobates who have access to our youth are those who promote immorality in schools under the disguise of teaching children “safe sex” while breaking down the child’s God-given conscience and sense of modesty and morality. They may even disguise their wicked teachings with a cloak of “abstinence” but be warned: a brief discourse on abstaining from sex with a titillating message of sexual activity and condom usage/instruction is not going to make abstinence a lasting impression on your child.

If you are a Christian parent and want to see your children grow-up to be healthy, well-adjusted and happy adults, seek to have the Word of God be the predominate influence upon your child by either homeschooling or enrolling them in a Christian school. And fathers, please protect your daughters by providing a safe haven for them until God unites them in marriage with a godly young man whom you approve of. Amen.


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