Planned Parenthood to the rescue?

“At the moment of fertilization, a new and unique human being comes into existence with its own distinct genetic code. Twenty-three chromosomes from the mother and twenty-three chromosomes from the father combine to result in a brand-new and totally unique genetic combination...” (Source: Prenatal Development -

On the corner of Forest Park and Boyle Avenues in St. Louis, Missouri is a large, white brick building. On the front is a sign identifying it as “Planned Parenthood.” A large colorful banner also hangs on the front of the building. It shows a female medical professional standing next to a young woman, and both are smiling as though they haven’t a care in the world. At the top of the banner in bold text is the question: “Need Emergency Contraception?” Underneath this text and on the side next to the smiling women in smaller text is “No Exam, No Hassle, No Delay.” Then underneath the picture are the words in bold type “Planned Parenthood To The Rescue!”

Let’s take a closer look at Planned Parenthood and the abortifacient Plan B (an emergency contraceptive) they promote and see if it really is something to be dispensed with “No Exam,” No Hassle” and “No Delay” to women.

The AAPLOG (American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists) wrote this in a letter to the Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August of 2006
(Source: ):

“Two studies examining emergency contraception (EC) have demonstrated that ready availability of emergency contraception does not produce a reduction in either abortion rates or unintended pregnancy rates… “AAPLOG has an additional concern: it appears that the ectopic pregnancy rate following Plan B use can be as high as 6%... Additionally, approximately 20% or more of Plan B label comprehension subjects did not understand the potential seriousness of severe abdominal pain that may occur after using Plan B ( a symptom of possible ectopic pregnancy)...”

The letter then went on to express concern that “Plan B’s labeling does not give adequate notice to a potential user that Plan B may prevent the implantation of a human embryo (e.g., a fertilized ovum) as one mechanism of action, thus acting as an abortifacient...”

Please know I have witnessed young women leaving Planned Parenthood with only brokenness and sorrow after aborting their preborn babies. Other young women leave with pain, nausea and faintness after purchasing “emergency contraception” such as Plan B and are then sent outside to wait for a ride home. I have seen very few women leave with smiles on their faces unless they have changed their minds about ending their pregnancy and have chosen to let their baby live.

Please be warned: Planned Parenthood is not your friend, and they cannot rescue you from a life of sorrow and sin. There is only one rescuer who can save you and give you a new life full of joy and hope: Jesus Christ. Please place your trust in Him. Amen.


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