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A Ministry of Healing

Angela Wittman

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. (Matthew 4:23 KJV)

Dear Friends,

This editorial is written to draw attention to the ministry of healing which our Lord Jesus Christ found so much worth in, that He, the Son of God, participated in it. As a Christian Medical Assistant, I can tell you from experience that ministering to others in the art of healing is not at all glamorous, nor is it an easy job. In fact, the work is physically and emotionally draining; and if you are expecting gratitude from others for your hard work, it may be long in coming. But if you are looking for a way to show compassion and mercy to others, then this may be the job for you.

I recently received a health update from a friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was so impressed with her praise for her doctor that I asked if I may share it, and she has agreed. Please read how this woman appreciated the compassion shown her while she was being prepared for surgery and cared for by Christian medical staff:

"The day of surgery was an answer to prayer. I was treated like Dr. Rose's one and only patient (which I am sure I was not). Upon arrival at Bryn Mawr Hospital, he met me in nuclear med for a dye injection, then leisurely walked me to the surgical waiting area where I was met by a wonderful nurse and anesthesiologist. They were supportive and caring as I went to OR at 8:30 sharp. Upon entering the room, I asked if there were any Christians present and a couple women acknowledged they were. They reassured me and I slept peacefully! I awoke to joyful sounds and encouraging words in the recovery area and was transported to my room ...

"The 3-11 shift brought me two Christian nurses that spent significant time with me after my family went home. As prayed for, God provided me many Christian health care providers, a smooth anesthesia experience and recovery, and a caring, compassionate Doctor. I can honestly say I have never experienced such a positive hospital environment anywhere in my entire life!"

Now, to my colleagues in the health field, I must sadly point out that many have become hard and cold as they interact with patients and fellow co-workers. It seems the focus is not as much on saving lives and healing as it is on reaching quotas and making money. I am sure many of you went into medicine with good intentions, but have found the pressure to perform and to see a certain number of patients each day overwhelming and then you eventually compromised. My hope and prayer is that you will reexamine your motive for going into the health field, and if you are sincere in wanting to heal others, you will resist the temptation to treat your healing ministry as a business.

Another point I hope to bring to your attention, if you are Christian, is for you to pray for and share the Gospel message with your patients and co-workers. Instead of prescribing drugs for a patient who is experiencing mild depression or sleep disturbances due to stress, why not point them to the One who has healed your soul and reconciled you to Himself – the Saviour – Jesus Christ?

After all, the Great Physician has shown us mercy and compassion, may we do the same for others.


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