Not Good Enough

By Angela Wittman

And the LORD said unto Moses, Go, get thee down; for thy people, which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves:
They have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them: they have made them a molten calf, and have worshipped it, and have sacrificed thereunto...

Exodus 32: 7, 8a - KJV

Dear Friends,

As editor of an on-line pro-life newsletter, Christian Activist Pro-Life News ( ), and as a Christian pro-life activist I try to stay informed of the latest news concerning the pro-life movement. I confess to being suspicious of legislation popular with the majority of conservatives, as they often lose sight of the goal, which is ending all killing of pre-born human beings. In their quest for expediency, they will sacrifice the lives of innocent human beings who may have been conceived in less than perfect circumstances, such as rape or incest. Or they may think a baby whose mother may die during the pregnancy or childbirth is somehow less valuable than the mother, so they compromise and allow the sacrificial death of an innocent child. In other words, they have taken the place of God, and they will decide who lives and who does not. I find this mindset absolutely reprehensible. In fact, I am actually at a loss of words to describe the anger welling up in my heart at such lack of respect for God Almighty and the human beings He has created in His image. One can almost overlook unbelievers promoting such callous legislation, as their consciences are seared, but what excuse is there for those who claim to be quickened to God by the Holy Spirit?

As this essay is being written there are several bills conservatives are pushing through their state legislatures. Many pro-lifers are putting their stamp of approval on these bills, and they are calling them “abortion bans”; I am calling the ones with any exception for the aborting of a baby in order to kill it “not good enough.”

First of all, who has the foreknowledge to decide whether a child conceived in rape and/or incest should be put to death other than the Creator of the child? The child that many are so quick to condemn to a painful torturous death has not done anything wrong, he is an innocent human being who has not been tried in a court of law. He just happens to have been conceived in less than ideal circumstances. The baby’s death is not going to make the trauma of a rape disappear, but it will compound the mother’s emotional and physical stress. It may even drive her to suicide, and there will now be two dead people for loved ones to mourn. Who knows but that if the child was allowed to develop and come outside of the womb in childbirth, he may actually bring comfort to the mother? Instead, the exception of abortion for rape and incest allows an emotionally distraught woman to add to her grief the sin and crime of murder.

What about allowing an exception to abort a premature human being in order to save the life of the mother? Doesn’t the mother have a “right” to self-defense that justifies taking the life of the child? No. This argument is a straw man, and one that many have bought hook, line and sinker. The “life of the mother” exception is nothing more than a legal loophole for the baby-killers to use to their advantage, and one that many conservatives are willing to give them. A principled ethical physician will always try to save both lives. My advice for those of you who do not have such a principled physician is to find one who is and to stop sacrificing the lives of others by supporting legislation that bans “almost all” abortions. It simply isn’t good enough.

Angela Wittman is a longtime resident of Southwestern Illinois. She has been writing Christian commentaries with an emphasis on reformed theology since 2001. Angela has been active in Illinois politics since 1993. She has served as a government school board member, Illinois Christian Coalition chapter leader and as co-chair (lady) for the Constitution Party of Illinois. She is now a member of the American Heritage Party and seeking to build the Kingdom through Explicitly Christian politics.


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