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Sow the Seed

By Angela Wittman

But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.
(2 Cor. 9:6)

Dear Friends,

I hope you will find something of worth in this report of my activity and observations while on the street in front of the child killing abortion mill in St. Louis, Missouri:

Today is April 22nd. It is approximately 9:30 a.m., and I am at the corner of Forest Park and Boyle Avenue at Planned Parenthood. The last time I came was two weeks ago, and a ranting, raving, aborting man threatened me. So, I have brought a tape recorder, Gospel tracts, an aborted baby sign, and I have the LORD Jesus Christ with all His heavenly hosts surrounding me.


Today is May 6th, and I am at Planned Parenthood on the corner of Forest Park and Boyle Avenue. It is 9:40 a.m., and so far, there isn’t anyone else here. Because I do respect a friend who has been doing this a whole lot longer than I have (even before I became a Christian) I will take his advice and just stay in the car and pray if no one else shows up. I am thinking this will be my last Friday here, as I will begin coming on Wednesdays next week. There is a pro-lifer named Mike who is here on Wednesdays, so I will then have protection, and I will plan to come when he is here.

There is such good opportunity to witness during the week. You have more access to the people driving in and driving out [of the parking lot.] I know some are saying, "Oh come out, come out to the mill. We want numbers." I guess my call is "Come out to the mill, but I'm not asking for numbers. I am asking for sincere hearts that want to share the Gospel."

Yes, we want to save lives, and I pray to save lives because of the beauty and handiwork of Christ in creating the human body. Just think of how we make our own blood, and how God has set up our body to fight disease with our immune system. God has given us such a wonderful thing in the creation of human beings, and in the creation of the human body. When you think of all this, it really brings home to you how disrespectful man is to murder little tiny, beautiful babies and to rip them apart for money. This breaks my heart; but the number one reason I am out here is to share the Gospel. So, my hope and my prayer are for God to bring forth others that want to share the Gospel.

I don't want to hear anymore complaints from Christians who say they don't like what the church is doing, how they are tired of sitting around, they don't like potluck dinners, and they're tired of being on church volleyball teams. My plea to you is to go out and share the Gospel. Sow the seed.

God has given us a mouth. God has given us hands and feet. Let's use them for the glory of God.

I am taking a medical assisting course at a local community college. I come here on Fridays after the Medical Law, Ethics and Bioethics class. Today in class we were talking about death, and euthanasia (which they now call the "right to die"). And as students were telling personal stories of loved ones who had suffered painful deaths, I could only think of the Scripture in Philippians where Paul says, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

What does it mean to live to Christ? What are you doing to live to Christ? Are you actively sharing your faith? I am not always as faithful to do this, as I should be. I can think of a couple of opportunities I had to share the Gospel, and I did not do it. May God forgive me, and may He strengthen me so I will not neglect doing this again. But, I do try to share the Gospel in my college classes. For example, when I am writing a paper, I try to always include the Gospel message; so even if my instructor is the only one to read the paper, she will know I am a Christian. I try to point them toward Christ. If I can get the Gospel message in, if I can somehow work it into that paper, and especially if they want my opinion, then it is a wide open door.

My plea to Christians is: God has given you a seed, and it is the Gospel. It is His Word. Please sow the seed wherever God has put you. Sow it in your community. Take Gospel tracts and hand them out, even if it is at a Christian event. Sow the seed even if people make fun of fun of you and say, "Oh he/she is just too hyper over this Jesus."

Just stop and think how many people die each day? How many of those people are probably in hell? How many of those people did God bring across your path? And how many did you not witness to?

May God forgive me as I have failed to witness to everyone He has brought across my path. I am exhorting you, as well as myself, to get out there and share the Gospel. Sow the seed, and trust God to make it grow.


Angela Wittman is a longtime resident of Southwestern Illinois. She has been writing Christian commentaries with an emphasis on reformed theology since 2001. Angela has been active in Illinois politics since 1993. She has served as a government school board member, Illinois Christian Coalition chapter leader and as co-chair(lady) for the Constitution Party of Illinois. She is now a Christian Independent and seeking to build the Kingdom through Explicitly Christian politics.


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