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Why I am a Christian Independent

By Angela Wittman

Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention that there is some speculation as to why I resigned my position as the co-chair(lady) of the Constitution Party of Illinois. Let me set the record straight, as there have been false assumptions and presumptions, which leads to deception.

My resignation in January of 2005 did not come easily as I had worked tirelessly since the year 2001 to raise awareness of the Constitution Party in Illinois. I spent my spare time attending gun shows, protesting at abortion clinics, attending debates, writing letters "to the editor" of Illinois newspapers and attending public functions and meetings on behalf of the party. I thought I had found a new political home as I had seen the compromise of the Republican party and knew in my heart I could no longer support them or their candidates in good conscience.

I then came under scrutiny by some of the National Constitution Party leaders for my religious beliefs. I am under the impression that they saw me as a potential threat to party growth and unity due to my unashamedly Christian witness. I did nothing wrong nor did I discriminate religiously as a leader of the party in Illinois. I never asked potential members (or officers) their religious affiliation as I believed that only a Christian would want to be involved with our party... We had no money or political alliances... We were free in Christ to serve Him and follow His lead in building the party.

Then last fall (after the 2004 elections), due to a lack of integrity by the National Constitution Party to their Sanctity of Life Plank, a resolution was proposed to implement a procedure for the Constitution Party National Committee to use when dealing with errant state party affiliates and leaders.

The proposal and it's author, (of which I praise Jesus Christ that He counted me worthy to be a supporter of), was maligned, misrepresented, and ridiculed by some of the national party leaders. They took a matter of policy and distorted it to be a matter of personality.

Due to the misrepresentation and misunderstanding which resulted, the proposed Sanctity of Life Resolution was soundly defeated by approximately 2/3 of the committee members present. But this in itself is not why I resigned from the Constitution Party. I also resigned because:

  • I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and that He is King of the Nations.

  • I will not be shackled to any man-made organization (or political party)that joins together with unbelievers and pretends to worship the KING.

  • I owe my allegiance to the One who saved my soul from the fires of hell.

  • I owe my allegiance to the One who has never done me any harm, but only good.

  • I am a Christian Independent and I will not compromise my loyalty to Christ for political gain or recognition.

  • My faithfulness to Christ comes before politics.

Now, dear friends, isn't it time for you to declare your dependence upon Christ and your independence of all party politics?


Angela Wittman is a longtime resident of Southwestern Illinois. She has been writing Christian commentaries with an emphasis on reformed theology since 2001. Angela has been active in Illinois politics since 1993. She has served as a government school board member, Illinois Christian Coalition chapter leader and as co-chair(lady) for the Constitution Party of Illinois. She is now a Christian Independent and seeking to build the Kingdom through Explicitly Christian politics.


  1. I admire the stand you have made herein - warm greetings from the United Kingdom !


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