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Standing in the gap

March 31, 2005

Dear Friends for LIFE,

Tomorrow morning I plan to be a witness against murder at the Planned Parenthood death camp in St. Louis, Missouri, (located at the corner of Forest Park and Boyle Avenues.) I will be standing in the gap for the helpless, weak and infirmed -- those whom the social engineers feel are not productive workers and therefore are to be exterminated like vermin.

I have read several pleas for a period of fasting and prayer. I think this is good as the LORD spared Nineveh when they turned to Him in repentance with fasting and prayer. But please remember that part of repentance is taking action to not do the things you did before and to do those things which you neglected to do in the past.

I pray you will make a commitment now to stand in the gap for the helpless, weak and infirmed. The best place to start is on the sidewalk in front of your local abortuary.

If you need encouragement or information, please contact me. If I cannot help you or answer your questions, I will find someone who can. If you are in need of transportation or another person to go with, let me know and I will send out an inquiry for other pro-lifers in your area.

Dear Friends, our Republic is dying and now is the time for us to take action; we are the Church Triumphant.

April 1, 2005

Dear Friends for LIFE,

I had a most glorious time standing in the gap this morning at the Planned Parenthood death camp in St. Louis, Mo. I was able to give brochures (about the link between abortion and breast cancer and one I designed with a message why we do not kill children) to two young teenage girls entering the death camp for pelvic exams. I also got to witness to several workers about why they are also guilty of murder since they are a part of PP, even though they do not do the actual butchering.

One worker admitted she would like for me to find her another job, one where she can have a clear conscience at night. Two of the men workers acted silly and wanted to smile and talk, but they did not like my sign or my message.

I have a sign Brother Cletus of "Church Without Walls" gave me. It has in bold black letters: SHOW ME THE TRUTH (as Missouri is the "show me" state) and it has a bloody picture of aborted baby body pieces and another one of a decapitated baby... Now please know that Forest Park Avenue is a very busy street in St. Louis, so I am able to witness to hundreds of people within an hour's time. And, dear friends, if an hour a week is all you can spare to be a witness on the street for Jesus Christ, then it is time well spent.

I am convinced we can shut down the death camp on Forest Park and Boyle Avenues in St. Louis by standing in the gap during the week when people are driving to their jobs and appointments.

Now today I was alone and as I am only 5'3" and weigh about 120 lbs., it was a challenge to cover such a wide area... But I was able to do it by staying alert, holding my graphic aborted babies sign and being armed with the facts while being bold with the power of the Holy Spirit, my Helper.

Even though I am 100% convinced that the LORD has angels to watch over me, I hope to have a partner to help stand in the gap next week. .. But if not, I will still go, LORD willing. : )

For His Glory, Angela Wittman


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