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'Ponder the path of your feet...let all your ways be established'

By Angela Wittman

"In the November 2004 elections, my plea with Christians is to vote for righteousness, ... The Bible says that righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people [Proverbs 14:34]. If Christians vote for Republicans or Democrats, they are wasting their votes."

-- (Steve Lefemine, Director of Columbia Christians for Life)

Dear Friends,

I am convinced that to achieve victory in the war against murder of children by abortion, we need to stop being afraid to offend and begin speaking the truth in love. This is how we will transform our culture to once more being predominately Christian instead of the multi-cultural, pluralistic and intolerant society the God-haters are constructing. Some will tell you that we must end the murder of the unborn babies incrementally...I disagree. I think we need to draw a line in the sand and say we will not support or vote for those candidates who have compromised on the issue of life for babies -- regardless of how they are conceived. We will get pro-life candidates and leaders who will hold to no exception to commit infanticide (murder by abortion) when we demand they stop compromising on this most basic and fundamental issue.

Many of you have been told we have a pro-life president in the Whitehouse now and we must rally around him while securing his re-election. Please do not be deceived by mere words and promises, but examine the facts. What exactly has President Bush and his administration accomplished in which babies lives are saved? I am not talking about good intentions or frustrated efforts to do what is right, but what exactly has been accomplished since the man has been in office? How many actual lives of unborn children have been spared? I submit to you that more babies lives are saved by those standing in front of the abortion clinics pleading with the mom's and dad's entering to reconsider and spare their unborn child from death than President Bush has saved during his presidency. Instead of voting for who you agree with on the majority of issues, why not vote for the candidate you agree with on all the issues -- primarily the LIFE issue? A pro-life friend recently sent me these questions for Christian voters to ask themselves (and others) before casting their vote for a candidate:

Can I expect God's blessing upon me if I support any evil?Do I really want to stop supporting abortion and sodomy with my votes?Has this candidate supported such things in the past? Do they support them now by who they publicly support and vote for?Am I voting out of faith and obedience or fear and disobedience?Am I communicating to anyone that I'll vote for them even if they aren't 100% pro-life?

A good resource in which to examine the president's actions while in office is the web site .

Dear friends, I cannot justify compromising the life of even one unborn child by voting for a lesser of evil. Isn't it time we stopped allowing the murder of the pre-born babies?

As we head toward the fall elections, let us be mindful of these words of our LORD:

Ponder the path of your feet,
And let all your ways be established.
Do not turn to the right or the left;
Remove your foot from evil.
(Proverbs 4: 26, 27)

May we ponder our paths and remove our feet from evil as we know the LORD hates those who shed innocent blood. Amen.

Published 2004.


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