Speaking The Truth In Love

By Angela Wittman

"Babies are saved and abortion centers are shut down when Christians act like Christians and show love to their neighbors. Many more die due to the apathy of the church. Will you save a child from death this week?"

(Dennis Green, Life and Liberty Ministries)

"Though the question of when life begins is important to many, the question more representative of today's view is 'what quality of life mandates preservation?' Has the fetus gained a quality of life worthy of preservation? This is a dangerous question, indeed. For who among us, the already-born, can decide such a question? Do we apply this question to every human being? Does a fetus, or even an infant with down syndrome have a quality of life equal to that of a perfectly normal one? These questions lead only to some sort of genetic elitism, and shouldn't even be asked in good conscience. Perhaps the biggest irony encountered when examining those who wish to make abortion a social justice issue is that much of social justice is aimed at giving help and justice to those who are unable to speak and do for themselves-- the meek. Yet, from the same mouth that says we must protect the homeless, the penniless, animals and the environment comes words which speak of killing an unborn human! This contradiction must not be overlooked, lest we fail to see the cruelty, the degrading of humanity, and the violation of God's righteous decrees supported by those who hide behind the auspices of choice-advocacy."

(Taken from:"A Biblical Perspective on Abortion" by Jonathon Hall Barlow.)

"The other day we were preaching in front of an abortion clinic when a young man walked up. He had resolve in his step and determination on his face as he entered the clinic door. Having preached in front of abortion clinics for several years I had seen this look before. In about ten minutes two police cars arrived with lights flashing. Four policemen jumped out and ran into the back of the clinic. In a few minutes the front door kicked open as the four policemen pulled the man out the door. With a terrified look and tears coming down his face the man cried out in a tone of voice I will never forget, "God save the life of my child! Please! Help me save the life of my child!"

The policemen pulled the father over to the patrol cars and tried to explain to him that "...it's a woman's right to choose." The father, in response, beat his chest crying, "What about my rights?" Then, shoving past the policemen, he headed back for the clinic door.

The policemen jumped on the father and slammed him to the ground. They shackled his hands behind him and then threw him in the back seat of a squad car. Moments later they drove away. The father's child was murdered that day."

(Taken from: "Roe V. Wade VS. The Marriage Covenant" by Jim Rudd, Washington, D.C., Director of the Christian Street Preachers Alliance and Editor of CovenantNews.Com)

Dear Friends,

I pray the excerpts you have just read tear at your heart as they do mine. I wonder how many moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas have turned their heads and looked the other way when seeing a graphic picture of a baby who has been aborted? How many of us have a close relative who has aborted a child that is flesh of our flesh and blood of our blood? How often have you thought that those who minister and protest at the abortion centers, (Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Mo. and Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL. to name two that are near by), are "crazies" and deserve to be harassed by the abortionists and locked up in jail for expressing God's truth that abortion is murder?

To my shame, ten years ago I was of the popular opinion that even though abortion was "wrong", I had no right to "impose" my beliefs on another. Today I am one of those people you hear about that protests abortion in front of our local abortuaries. What changed my mind ten years ago and gave me the conviction that I could no longer remain silent as millions of babies have been destroyed in the womb and their parents lives forever damaged? Love... The love of Christ was poured into my heart as I became a new creature in Him. I knew without a doubt that I needed to repent of my sin of silence. I knew that as a Christian, I must immediately begin speaking the truth in love and take a public stand for righteousness as this is how we bring glory to God.

Now, dear friends, I must ask you, have you repented of your sin of silence? Can you hear the babies cry? Can you imagine their terror and pain? Will you this very day take a public stand for righteousness and bring glory to our God?

Originally published in 2003.


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