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Saving 'these little ones' in St. Louis

Street Report: St. Louis, Mo. 2.12.05

Dear Friends for LIFE,

Praise the LORD for the opportunity to share this street report about the abortion mill [Planned Parenthood] located on Forest Park and Boyle Avenues in St. Louis, Missouri. I am blessed to share this time in service to the LORD with you.

At this baby killing facility there are iron bars around the perimeter of the building and parking lot. They try to prevent the customers from hearing and seeing the truth about what goes on inside the building; but the LORD is good and we have access to those pulling in the parking lot, as there is only one point of entry.

Lovely Anne, who has been on the streets witnessing against abortion since 1986, greets the potential Planned Parenthood clientele with fresh cut flowers and an armful of Gospel tracts, abortion facts and New Testaments.

We also have several saints who hold the graphic aborted baby signs while others stand and pray or distribute literature to those driving down the street or entering the abortion mill.

Young Andrew Leefe was excited about his new baby brother, Benjamin. Benjamin is a baby whose mother had planned to abort him at Planned Parenthood as he was conceived in rape. But, praise the LORD, Benjamin was spared a painful death as faithful pro-life witnesses were used by the LORD to minister the truth in love to his mother.

Planned Parenthood has a VW Bug with a giant daisy design on the exterior of the car parked in the abortuary's parking lot. This car has been nicknamed the "Condom Car" because the purple center of each daisy is a condom.

This St. Louis death camp not only dispenses drugs which cause chemical abortion and performs the surgical abortions, they also conduct "sex ed" classes. Parents actually bring their youngsters here for sex education. If you go to the Planned Parenthood teen website:, you will see the abominable perversion they promote and teach as normal behavior for children. (Please also investigate the sex ed programs in your local government schools as many use Planned Parenthood materials as part of their health and/or family planning curriculum.)

I pray you will be a witness to Jesus Christ for His Glory and join with us as we save lives in St. Louis on the corner of Forest Park and Boyle Avenue on Wednesday afternoons, beginning at 1:00 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday mornings between 6:30 and 10:30 a.m.

For His Glory,
Angela Wittman


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