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Remember Our Heritage: A Leading First Lady

Abigail Adams - Wikipedia

By Angela Wittman

"You have this day to declare yourself head of a nation.

"And now, O Lord, my God, Thou hast made thy servant ruler over the people.

"Give unto him an understanding heart, that he may know how to go out and come in before this great people; that he may discern between good and bad.

"For who is able to judge this thy so great a people?" were the words of a royal Sovereign; and not less applicable to him who is invested with the Chief Magistracy of a nation, though he wear not a crown nor robes of royalty...

"Though personally petitions to Heaven are that "the things which make for peace may not be hidden from your eyes."

"That you may be enabled to discharge them with honor to yourself, with justice and impartiality to your country, and with satisfaction to this great people, shall be the daily prayer of your Abigail Adams. "

(Taken from America's God and Country, by William J. Federer)

And so we have the words of one of America's First Ladies, Mrs. Abigail Adams, the wife of second President John Adams and the mother of our sixth president John Quincy Adams.

How does one become the beloved wife and mother of two presidents and a leading lady in the war for our Independence? Reading historical accounts of Abigail Adams show that she was courageous, intelligent, well-mannered, pious, and charming.

She knew the art of femininity and the role of womanhood. She was devout in her religious faith and faithful to her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

When her husband was away in the Second Continental Congress founding our great nation, Abigail was at home farming and raising their four children. This is quite a contrast to our modern society where we see women competing with men for status and jobs.

I've heard it said that the goal of the modern feminist movement is to have all women working outside of the home. We have only to look around us at the high divorce rate to see that the "new" way of thinking about morality, womanhood and equal rights is not the answer.

I recently came across the website , and found many helpful articles for mothers and daughters that encourage femininity, modesty, and the art of homemaking.

Dear ladies, perhaps it is time for us to take notice of Mrs. Abigail Adams and begin to lead our families back to the tried and true ways of our LORD?

May we take to heart the words John Quincy Adams wrote as an epitaph for his parents, John and Abigail:

"Married 25 October 1764.
During an union of more than half a century
They survived, in harmony of sentiment, principle, and affection,
The tempests of civil commotion;
Meeting undaunted and surmounting
The terrors and trials of the Revolution;
Which secured the Freedom of their Country;
Improved the condition of their times;
And brightened the prospects of Futurity
To the race of man upon Earth.
From lives thus spent thy earthly duties learn;
From fancy's dreams to active virtue turn;
Let Freedom, Friendship, Faith, thy soul engage,
And serve, like them, thy country and thy age."

(The Spirit of America, William J. Bennett)



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