NEA Editorial (2001)


To the Editor:

As a former public school board member, I am shocked and dismayed at the recent resolutions passed by the liberal National Education Association (NEA) at their annual convention in Los Angeles, Ca.

It is true that after much outcry and pressure from their own membership, the NEA withdrew Resolution “New B” regarding “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Education”. But don’t let that fool you. Following is a brief summary of resolutions that were passed and are reported to affrim the criteria of “New B’.

Ø B1 – Calls for programs in public schools for children from birth through age 8. (The NEA is calling for Universal Pre-School.)
Ø B7 – Calls for acceptance of “diversity” which includes sexual orientation.
Ø B9 – Includes Sexual Orientation as discrimination if you do not accept your child being taught about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people. (They are proposing plans, activities and programs for students to increase their respect, understanding and sensitivity toward this lifestyle.)
Ø B39 – Sex Education is to remain a top priority and the NEA is calling for teachers and health providers to be legally protected from censorship and lawsuits. ( They belive it is the right of every individual to live in an environment of freely available information and knowledge about sexuality and encourages affiliates and members to support appropriately established sex education programs.)
Ø C 22 - Comprehensive School Health, Social and Psychological Programs and Services are called for.
Ø C 27 – Student Sexual Orientation. ( The NEA believes that counseling services and programs should be provided for students struggling with their sexual/gender orientation.)

I don’t know about you, but to me this attitude seems to be presumptious and arrogant on the part of the National Education Association. Does it really take a village to raise a child or is that a lie that many have bought into? And if you do believe it takes a village to raise your child, is this what you want them being taught? Just what are they teaching children these days? You may be surprised to find out it isn’t just the three R’s.

Angela Wittman--Constitution Party Illinois


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