'The LORD Liveth'

By Angela Wittman

The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.
(Psalm 18:46, KJV)

Dear Friends,

Please share in my joy as I give praise to the God of my salvation and declare to all that 'the LORD liveth' and He does indeed bless those who trust in Him.

This praise report is written as a thank you to all the saints who stand in the gap and witness against abortion at the child murder centers in their communities. Please know you are making a difference and you are much loved by our Father in Heaven and this sister in Christ Jesus.

May God bless you and cause His face to continually shine upon you for your faithfulness.

December 4, 2004

Yesterday at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, we had a mom and dad to leave the mill and as they were pulling out of the parking lot, the mom shouted, "I didn't do it!" She was smiling and waving at us.

Then right before we were getting ready to pray as a group and leave for the day, a beautiful, young black woman with two little boys (one six years old and the other under a year old) pulled into the parking lot. Jenni Leefe called out to her and asked her to please talk to us. The young woman said she was just going in for a pregnancy test...Jenni said she could give her a pregnancy test for free... So the mom put her children back in the car and drove out of PP parking lot to across the street where Dave and Jenni Leefe have an RV parked to give pregnancy tests.

While the mom was taking the test, I was watching her children. The little boy had seen our signs and he said, "They cut the baby up like a chicken!" He was referring to the butchers in Planned Parenthood.

As the mom waited for the results of her test, Jenni was able to warn her of the dangers of Planned Parenthood. The young woman was in tears and said she had planned to abort her baby if she was pregnant... but would not after talking to Jenni.

I then went to get the test results which were negative.

Jenni talked to her some more and asked her to call her if something comes up and she needs help.

I thanked the mom for letting us help her and told her I would be praying for her.

We also had a surprise visit with the baby boy Dave and Jenni are adopting. His mom was going to abort him because he was conceived by rape and she had nowhere to turn for help... but Mary (Jenni's mom) talked to her and helped her. The Leefe's are now waiting for the adoption to be finalized and the baby is presently with Mary as she is the legal guardian. The baby was only 5 lbs 10 oz. when born (he was premature) in early October...but he is now up to 10 lbs. and is beautiful! Seeing a contented, loved and saved baby encouraged us all this morning.

Today was the most wonderful day at the mill for me as a mother... my oldest son went with me for the very first time and he held a graphic aborted baby sign and had a woman shout obscenities at him for doing so... He laughed!

The saints at the mill told me that my son takes after me, of which I am greatly honored.

The LORD has blessed me greatly this day.
Published 2004.


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