A Prayer for the Church and Our Nation

By Angela Wittman

"Just before 9 a.m. on October 28, 2001, three terrorists dressed in black "shalwars" ( a long, loose fitting shirt that is common among Pakistani males) and armed with Kalishnikov automatic weapons forced their way into St. Dominic's Church. Catholics share the church building with the Church of Pakistan. The Protestant praise and prayer time had been so joyful; the service was running a bit late. The start of the Catholic mass would be delayed.

"Pastor Emmanuel Allah Atta had just concluded his sermon on the importance of prayer during the tumultuous times facing Pakistani Christians. One of the gunmen stormed up to the pulpit and ordered the pastor to throw his Bible to the ground. "I will not!" insisted Pastor Emmanuel. He turned away from the terrorist and embraced his Bible, pressing it close to his heart. The gunman shouted, "Allah Ahkbar!" (God is great) and opened fire on Pastor Emmanuel, shooting him in the back, the bullet piercing his heart. As his body plummeted to the floor, Pastor Emmanuel captured one last glance into the almond shaped eyes of his precious four-year-old daughter Kinza. Later, Kinza said she saw her Daddy lovingly look at her before he fell to the ground and "went to sleep." When asked to explain where her Daddy was, little Kinza said, "He's in heaven with Jesus."

"The radical Islamic terrorists opened fire on the congregation for six minutes, emptying more than 500 rounds on the Christians. Fifteen of the 75 congregants attending the service perished in the attack. The terrorists also killed a Muslim security guard standing watch at the church gate. The body of a two year old girl was riddled with 40 bullets. One woman miraculously survived the massacre even though 13 bullets pierced her arm and abdomen. "

( Excerpt from the Feb. 2002 The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter, "Carrying the Cross in Pakistan" by Gary Lane.)

I pray that as we continue to hear reports of the war on terrorism, we will remember our brothers and sisters in Christ that are being put to death for their faith in Muslim countries and we will not believe the fallacy that Islam is a religion of peace. As we attend church this LORD'S Day, may we remember those who have been martyred for worshiping our LORD Jesus Christ and may we fall on our knees in gratitude to our Heavenly Father for the blessing of gathering together freely in His Name in our nation. May our Christian heritage,commitment and faith be taught to our children once again and may we boldly petition to have local control of education by abolishing the Federal Department of Education.

I pray parents will review their children's Social Studies curriculum as some have been reported as teaching children Islam and neglecting the teaching of Christianity due to the popular misconception called "Separation of Church and State". It is even reported that this public school course teaches American students to chant "Praise to Allah, Lord of creation." This same curriculum has students memorize verses of the Koran and stage a Jihad while playing a dice game. The students are to pretend that they are Muslims, wear Muslim clothing to school, choose a Muslim name to replace their own, and learn the life and history of Muhammad. Dear Friends, how can this be? Have we become so "tolerant" and politically correct that we no longer have our proud American identity and heritage to pass on to the next generation?

May we go back to our roots and study the founding documents of our nation that clearly reveal that the United States of America is a Christian nation, founded upon Christian principles by Christian men and women.

I pray we will stand boldly and tall as a Church built upon the Rock of Christ Jesus and may God bless America with a repentant and contrite heart. May we boldly proclaim the Gospel in the public square as our Forefathers did as we contemplate the great price of blood that was paid so we may live in a free Christian nation.

I pray we will ask our Heavenly Father to forgive us and heal our land of the murder of thousands of unborn baby boys and girls that are committed daily in our nation for the sake of convenience. May we gather our precious children and grandchildren in our arms and confront the abortionists at the "Gates of Hell" where this evil takes place. May we then vote our conscience instead of voting for the" lesser of the two evils" and remove from office legislators who have not put an end to this evil and shame.

Let us gather together in repentance and fall upon our faces before our Holy and Just God and ask His forgiveness for our silence. United in Christ, we are a powerful church.

Let us stand together in honor of the One Who Bore Our Shame On The Tree,

Jesus Christ,

in Whose Name I pray.


This article was originally published in 2002.


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