100% Pro-Life: No Exception -- No Compromise

By Angela Wittman

" I am a 44 year old woman, who at age 13 had gotten pregnant. That was the year Roe v.Wade came into being.

"I was forced to have an abortion. It was a choice that I didn't make. It was chosen for me and I live daily with the pain of having done it. I was almost 6 months along and will never forget what it was like to give birth to a child that was placed in what looked like a Kentucky fried chicken bucket and thrown away. It was a horrible thing.

"I am thankful God can forgive me for having allowed them to do this to me. It has taken many years for me to accept God's forgiveness. I pray no young, or older woman would make this choice for herself. Please tell them to place the baby up for adoption; not to go through the terrible experience that stays with you forever.

"Please only use my name, June, to express my pain to others. "

( Letter to the editor in the Illinois Leader, 3-29-04)

Dear Friends,

A child is a unique living individual. These little babies have fingers, toes, eyes, ears and feelings. They feel the pain of the needles, the tearing apart of their limbs by the sheer force of suction removing them from their peaceful haven called the womb. It is the image of these peacefully sleeping babies sucking their thumbs while stretching their tiny arms and legs that haunts my dreams.

I can only imagine the intense pain and sheer terror they experience at the intrusion of the abortionist's scalpel as he dismembers their bodies.

Millions of sweet, innocent babies have awaken to the terror of a cold, hard and foreign sharp object invading their warm, snug haven called the womb. The reality of this evil that is being perpetrated against mankind was burned into my heart ten years ago by the Holy Spirit of God. It is this image which keeps me consistently pro-life with no exceptions and no compromise. It is this same conviction that gives me courage and determination to speak out against Planned Parenthood and those who promote and/or support their dastardly deeds. You may think these are strong words; I agree. I believe it is time for strong words and strong action.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a local fundraiser for a Pregnancy Resource Center. It is estimated there were over 500 pro-lifers in attendance. I think this is phenomenal for our small county and all glory goes to the LORD for drawing these people out of their comfortable homes on a Thursday evening. As I sat there marveling at the work the LORD is doing in Monroe County, I could not help but ask those sitting near me "why with so many people in our nation who are pro-life hasn't (the court decision) Roe v. Wade been overturned?"

I think it is because many of our legislators are not listening to us and they have compromised. We cannot condone the sacrifice of even one pre-born baby for any reason. We have opened the door to the slaughter of millions of children through our ignorance and apathy. Please note I said "we" as I am just as guilty as the next person. For many years I kept my opinions to myself as I did not think I had the right to tell others what to do. My apathy and hard heartedness has contributed to the moral decay we presently find ourselves in.

We cannot and we must not keep silent at such a time as this. We must stop the compromise and elect legislators who will not tolerate abortion in any form or for any reason.

I pray this "letter from the future" will speak to your heart as it has mine and you will agree we are on a slippery slope by allowing the murder of pre-born babies for any reason:
February 2, 2023

Dear Mom,
Can you believe it is 2023 already? I am still writing "22" on everything. Seems like yesterday I was sitting in first grade celebrating the century change!
I know we haven't really chatted since Christmas. Sorry. Anyway, I have some difficult news, and I really didn't want to talk about it face-to-face.
Ted's had a promotion, and I should be up for a hefty raise this year if I keep putting in those crazy hours. You know how I work at it. Yes, we are still struggling with the bills.
Timmy's been "okay" at kindergarten, although he complains about going. But then he wasn't happy about day care either, so what can I do?
He's been a real problem, Mom, He's a good kid, but quite honestly, he's an unfair burden at this time in our lives. Ted and I have talked this through over and over and we've finally made a choice. Plenty of other families have made this choice and are certainly better off because of it.
Our pastor is supportive and says hard decisions are necessary. The family is a "system" and the demands of one member should not be allowed to ruin the whole. He told us to be prayerful, consider all the factors and do what is right to make the family work. He says that even though he probably wouldn't do it himself, the choice is ours. He was kind enough to refer us to a children's clinic near here, so at least that part will be easy.
I'm not an uncaring mother. I do feel sorry for the little guy. I think he overheard Ted and I talking about it the other night. I turned around and saw him standing at the bottom step in his pj's and the little bear you gave him under his arm and his eyes sort of welling up.
Mom, the way he looked at me just broke my heart. But I honestly believe this is better for Timmy too. It's not fair to force him to live in a family that can't give him the time and attention he deserves. And please don't give me the kind of grief Grandma gave you over your abortions. It's the same thing, you know.
We've told him he is just going in for a vaccination. Anyway, they say the termination procedure is painless.
Love, Becky

(Author Unknown)

Friends, let us vote our conscience in the upcoming elections while we seek the LORD in true repentance. Perhaps He will then have mercy upon our nation and give us elected officials who have a heart for the children and who will not compromise their precious lives. Amen.

Published in 2004.


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