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All People Have Value

By Angela Wittman

I remember standing in front of the horrid Granite City, Illinois abortion mill (named the Hope Clinic) several years ago holding a graphic dismembered baby sign. At the time the death camp staff was irate with the protesters and came out to take pictures of us as a form of intimidation. As the death camp worker and a security guard came near me, someone mentioned they wanted to "see Jesus" from the protesters. I held up my sign to the worker and security guard and said "Take a look. This baby was made in God's image." Not too long afterward the security guard died; I often wonder if he repented and accepted Christ before his sudden death.

The point I was trying to make to the death camp workers is that all children are God's handiwork and it is not for any man (or woman) to say that one life has more or less value than others; yet this is what we do in our modern culture. We pit mother against child and tell her that if her baby is conceived in less than ideal circumstances, she has every right to kill it. She won't be held responsible for the taking of that life, nor will she be prosecuted for murder. After all, she is a woman who has been given a legal right to kill unwanted children while they are still in her womb.

This disregard for the wonderful gift of life has a domino effect... Soon we hear of mothers and fathers choosing to end a child's life because he or she may have defects. After all, the child might be born with a physical or mental defect that would take away some imagined quality of life for either the parents or the child. My question is who made you a critic of God's handiwork? All life is precious. All human beings have worth and were created to serve a purpose in God's world. Even those who aren't perfect (and who of us is?) bring depth, substance and beauty to God's earth. They are as precious as spring flowers that appear after a long, cold winter. They add love, compassion and beauty to our lives.

Friends, all people have value and we need to tell others this truth. Committing the act of murder upon the preborn will not help in any circumstance - no matter how difficult the situation. It will only destroy individuals, families and societies.

Please, as the good Lord enables, do what you can to share His truth and love with those around you. Show the world Jesus.

Please know that a precious fellow blogger named DebbieLynne is who I had in mind while writing this. She is a beautiful soul and one who makes my life richer. Love you, girl! :)

May the good Lord bless you each and everyone.


  1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for your comment... Perhaps I should explain that my motive is not to use inflammatory language when writing about prenatal child killing, but to be completely truthful with my readers as to what abortion is. I strongly believe that until we (the Church) look at "abortion" through a Biblical lens (as God sees it), it won't be eradicated in our nation. My intention in this editorial was to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves (the preborn) and to also impart a Christian message to the unsaved. As we know, one must be confronted with their sin in order to see their need of a savior. It isn't something I take lightly... My words are spoken after much prayer and personal soul searching.


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