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Planned Parenthood In The Classroom

By Angela Wittman

As a newly elected school board member in the spring of 1996, I was honored to be caught in the midst of a controversy involving comprehensive sex ed (the teaching of condom use and birth control) and Planned Parenthood materials being used in the high school Adult Living Home Economics class.

Some of you may remember the resistance parents encountered when requesting the teaching of abstinence only to students.

I am sorry to say that I recently reviewed the materials used in the Waterloo High School Adult Living Class and found that they have not discarded the Planned Parenthood hand-outs. I have been told by the teacher of that class that nothing has changed in the curriculum since I was on school board.

This saddens my heart greatly as I have become more aware of the deceptive practices of Planned Parenthood and the immorality they promote.

In the year 2000, according to the Planned Parenthood website, the organization performed 197,070 abortions. This is in itself more than enough reason to condemn the organization; but there have been even more atrocities committed we need to be aware of.

In Arcata, California, parents are suing their local school district over a sex ed class where Planned Parenthood guest speakers had students stand in a circle and answer personal questions about their religious beliefs and homosexuality.

I have recently read a report that Planned Parenthood facilities are knowingly hiding sexual abuse of young girls by older men. This study by the organization "Life Dynamics" based in Texas states that "among girls 15 and younger who become pregnant, between 60 and 80 percent are impregnated by older men."

This same study has uncovered evidence that clinic workers for Planned Parenthood purposely do not ask revealing questions about age,have asked callers to use fictitious addresses, and given advice on how to circumvent parental involvement or how to avoid telling the truth to legal authorities in order to protect the older men involved.

Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America is reported as urging more sex education in schools and tolerance of homosexuality. She has said that President Bush's message of teaching abstinence in the schools could prove "harmful".

I don't know about you, but this is definitely one woman I do not want teaching my children or grandchildren about sex or morals.

Sex between a married man and woman is a beautiful, sacred and honorable gift from God our Creator. This is not a subject that should be taught outside of the home.

May we as responsible parents and adults say NO to Planned Parenthood and their aggressive abuse of children. I encourage you to visit your schools and ask to see the curriculum used in the Health, HIV AIDS and Sex Education classes.

Arm yourselves with facts and ask for a list of videos and copies of the hand-outs used as well as reviewing the text books. Ask to see the Critical Health Problems and Comprehensive Health Education Act in the Illinois School Code, which states that sexual abstinence until marriage be taught in Illinois schools.

Then see if your local school is teaching abstinence until marriage or promoting Planned Parenthood's agenda.
Originally published in 2002.


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