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Homeschooling: The Better Way

By Angela Wittman

I recently read the article "First Wave of Homeschoolers Comes of Age," written by Robin Wallace for The reporter interviewed a young man who had been entirely schooled at home. When asked if he felt he had missed out on "cherished school memories", he responded, "It was more that I was spared a lot of the stuff that goes on in high school." The 20 year old college student went on to say that instead of "experiencing" the trials and tribulations of high school, he got to focus on the things he wanted and liked to do.

The article goes on to quote J. Gary Knowles, a researcher from the University of Toronto,as saying that he has found home schooled adults to be no more less engaged socially or politically than those with traditional educations. He also found the home schooled students to be more self-reliant and focused.

It seems to me that the most natural thing in the world is for parents to nurture and teach their children. Unfortunately, when my sons began school, I did not know that home schooling was an option for a young mom without a college degree. I have since found out that home schooling is a viable option for parents in educating their children. There are many wonderful curriculums to choose from and organized groups to help with field trips and offering parental support. As far as socialization, many home school families are involved in 4-H Groups, scouting, community athletic programs and church youth groups.

The children who are home schooled actually may have better social skills as they are not under the "peer" pressure that students in public education are. I recently attended a meeting where local community officials, parents, educators and businessmen were discussing the problem of truancy and were forming a list of risk factors. I was so stunned to hear of the many dysfunctional problems our elementary school administration has encountered. Some of the risk factors listed were: lack of parental control and concern, divorce, drug use, attitude - bullying, and parents in prison. This my friends, would be more than enough reason to remove your child from such a dangerous environment and nurture them at home in the love and admonition we have been commanded by our gracious heavenly Father to do.

Lastly, I would like to share a quote by the educator Samuel Blumenfeld:

"The most important thing to know about homeschooling is that it is educational freedom at work. And freedom produces better results than coercion. This country has gone so far down the road to socialism that most people have no idea what educational freedom means. What it means is freeing your family from the shackles of government education, and educating your children in conformity with your family's religious and moral values."

Originally published in 2002.


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