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Remembering Founding Father Dr. Joseph Warren

'The mistress we court is LIBERTY; and it is better to die than not to obtain her.' ~Joseph Warren to Samuel Adams, June 15, 1775

I recently read Dr. Joseph Warren's biography Founding Martyr: The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revolution's Lost Hero written by Christian Di Spigna and was impressed with the facts presented in his book. I learned a great deal and recommend others read it as well. It's balanced and presents a thoroughly researched account of one of our leading founders few have heard about.

I also viewed the Youtube video featured below and the speaker, Vern Frykholm, does an excellent presentation of summing up the character and life of Dr. Warren, who has become one of my favorite heroes living during the events leading up to our separation from Great Britain.

However,  there is more to the story as Dr. Warren's body was mutilated by the British because they hated and feared him due to the influence he had over the colonists. But Satan always overplays his hand and the result was it raised up John and Samuel Adams to take more of a prominent leadership role. Plus, it inspired the colonists to fight even harder against the British. I recommend both the book and this video as it's a wonderful story of a unique, courageous man who was martyred at the battle on Bunker Hill with his Bible in his coat pocket.

Joseph Warren - Lexington Concord Character Study



Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank You for Dr. Joseph Warren's brief, but wonderful life. He truly was a man who displayed great courage and love for others. As a nation, we are blessed to have heroes like him who stood for freedom and had the courage to act on their convictions.

Dear Lord, I know our Founding Fathers had feet of clay and while they were great men, they also weren't perfect. I apologize for the Freemasonry some of them were involved with, and sadly, Dr. Warren was heavily involved in it. However, in Your grace You used him to accomplish Your purposes and I praise You for it. 

Thank You for this man and for preserving his memory.

In Lord Jesus Name, I pray. Amen

Joseph Warren (1741-1775)

The death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775 
by John Trumbull


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