Are you tired from shallow seeker-friendly Christianity?

Dear Friends,

Place for Truth recently published the article The One Who Endures: The Church by Stephen Unthank which compares today's seeker-friendly preaching and worship with churches who do expositional preaching. He writes:

Not too long ago at a small party, I was chatting with a young lady who had just switched churches. She had left a rather large, seeker-sensitive type of church in the Washington D.C. area, a church which put a lot of emphasis on the worship experience. And she had now joined a much smaller, reformed Presbyterian church with an emphasis on expositional preaching. When I asked why she switched, her answer revealed a lot.

She said that as long as she could remember she had been struggling with her assurance of faith, and only recently came to realize that a large part of her struggle was due to listening too much to the constantly changing emotions of her heart. What’s more, she said that the church she used to attend would put a premium on making sure the worship was always “upbeat and pumped”, making sure her heart left church excited and happy. The worship was purposefully geared towards an emotionalism, which she later realized was only catering to her temptation to find assurance in how she felt.

But as she wrestled throughout the week with the lows of normal life, she came to realize that what she needed most was not the experience-centered worship of modern evangelicalism but the Christ-centered promises of God’s preached word. Her feelings, much like the worship she was used to, was ephemeral and fleeting - she could get the same kind of goosebumps at her favorite secular artist’s live-show.

The young woman went on to say "that before her paradigm shift, she had been very close to giving up on the faith. She was wearied by all the emotional ups and downs that came with life in the real world, emotions which never seemed to be truly dealt with at her church."

Friends, I've been there and done that, and frankly it left my soul malnourished and my faith weak.  If you're tired from the emotional roller coaster of modern worship and light preaching, I implore you to find a sound church with a qualified pastor who practices expository preaching. I did and now my soul is full, nourished and my faith is growing stronger everyday!

May the good Lord lead His people out of shallow churches that leaves them weak and obese with worldliness and into sound, God honoring Churches where Christ is preached and reigns supreme. In Lord Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.


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