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Why do we continue to elect pro-aborts?

'Illinois has become a dumping ground for other states with our flimsy abortion laws and politicians’ flippant attitude toward providing women with resources on all their options.' - Emily Troscinski, executive director of Illinois Right to Life
Dear Friends,

My question is geared toward Illinois citizens specifically, but also applies generally to voters in the United States.

This morning I came across the news story MORE WOMEN SEEM TO BE CROSSING STATE LINES TO HAVE ABORTIONS IN ILLINOISwhich reveals that while the numbers of abortions might be going down, it also appears that surrounding states who are tightening their laws against abortion have more women coming to Illinois to abort their unborn children because our laws are so lax.

Here is an excerpt from the article mentioned above:

When Alison Dreith learned of her unplanned pregnancy, the St. Louis resident said she chose to travel to Illinois to have an abortion in 2016.

She is the executive director of NARAL Pro-Cho…

Struggling with forgiveness?

Dear Friends,
As we read reports of those who have been abused, hated, persecuted and victimized, one might be wondering what the Christian's duty is regarding forgiveness. Do we unconditionally forgive those who have wronged us? Or do we only forgive if the offender has shown true repentance and asked our forgiveness? What does Scripture teach regarding the matter of forgiveness? I struggle with these questions, and if you do too, here is a sound resource that might help answer your questions from a Biblical viewpoint.

The article I'm featuring is "Do We Have to Forgive Someone If They Don't Repent?" written by Timothy W. Massaro and is posted at Core ChristianityI'll be sharing some excerpts below and encourage you to read the entire article.

This question is a perennial problem. Everyone has been hurt by someone who has failed to ask for forgiveness. When friends or loved ones—those closest to us—do something to betray our trust or confidence, our hear…