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Additional thoughts on the Confederate Flag, War Between the States and Honoring Our Dead

By Angela Wittman 

 "Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) that it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth." Ephesians 6:2,3 (AKJV)

I recently came across this image of the Cherokee Confederate Veterans Reunion taken in New Orleans in 1903 and with all the media mania shouting for removal of Confederate flags from Federal and State properties (including cemeteries), I felt it would be wise for the more fair-minded folks to take a closer look at the the Native Americans who fought in the War Between the States and why they risked their property, loved ones and lives for the Confederacy.

My personal stake in sharing this information is to honor my ancestral "fathers" and the preservation of truthful history. I fear American history is undergoing a purge due to political correctness gone mad. As a Christian, it is my duty to take a stand for honoring those who have gone before me, even if it's unpopular t…